Af/Pak & Other News (1/5/2021)

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Jan 5, 2021, 12:23:56 PM1/5/21
An ‘orchard of bad apples’ weighs on new Afghan peace talks

Why PAF is Buying JF-17 Block 3 Instead Of J-10C?

IAI successfully tests the MRSAM air and missile defense system in India

Indian army to procure 118 local-made Arjun Mk-1A main battle tanks

Iran: For All The Wrong Reasons

Iran tests drones in military exercise

South Korean tanker was boarded by armed Iran Guard forces

Iran demands South Korea tanker pay 'pollution' fines

Yemen Claims 'Iranian Experts' Present at Airport Attack, Iran Blames Saudis

Lebanese Bristle Over Iran Commander’s Comments Regarding Hezbollah Missile Capabilities

Israeli Submarine In Rare Deployment South Of Suez

Israel and Greece sign biggest defense agreement

Report on Russian Cyber Units

Russia got its 2nd serially produced Su-57 stealth fighter on Christmas — a year after the first one crashed

A leaked recording exposed how Belarus' KGB plans its assassinations in Europe

Raytheon readies for initial flight test of baseline AMRAAM-ER design

Italy, United Kingdom And Sweden Sign Tempest FCAS Cooperation Memorandum Of Understanding

UK Unveils Massive Type 31 Frigate Building Hall in Rosyth

BAE collaborates with UAVTEK to develop nano ‘Bug’ drone

UK Royal Navy Declares IOC for Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group Ahead of Spring Deployment

American nuclear submarine calls into Scotland

First Royal Air Force Wedgetail Radar Plane Will Be Converted From An Ex-Chinese Airliner

British Carrier Strike Group to deploy to Pacific

Venezuela’s socialists take control of once-defiant congress

China’s advanced DF-17 hypersonic missile likely to have been part of recent military dril

Type 99 Tank: How China Is Preparing for a Land War

Chinese PLA Navy Develops New Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment

Xi Jinping orders China’s military to be ready for war ‘at any second’

Chinese J-10C, J-11B Fighters Simulated Indian Rafale, Su-30 Jets in China-Pak Exercise

Beijing using ‘cognitive warfare’ to sway Taiwan public opinion by feeding it misinformation, warns report

Taiwan says Chinese jets made record 380 incursions in 2020

Japan to begin mass production of new ASM-3A supersonic anti-ship missile

Indonesia governor believes drone behind security scare was made in China

Navy Astronaut and 6th Man on the Moon Believed in Alien Intervention

The White House's Planetary Protection Strategy Is About Space Invaders, But Not The Kind You Think

The Nevernight Connection – A ‘Candy Store’ for Espionage

SpecOps Colonel Arrested in Police Standoff Was Subject of Toxic Command Climate Investigation

Navy SEAL Will Plead Guilty to Killing Green Beret

Artificial Intelligence in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency, with Retired Gen. Stan McChrystal and Dr. Anshu Roy

U.S. Army Acquires Two New Supercomputers

Big Boost in Spending for Military Robots

Let's Talk About This Intriguing Object Seen In The Scoot-And-Hide Hangar At Area 51

SpaceX, L3Harris pursue hypersonic missile defense system

Air Force Spacecraft Will Beam Solar Power to Earth

Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon Could Be Historic

Mighty Wings Fading Away

New 360-Foot Coast Guard Off Shore Patrol Cutter To Set Sail Next Year

The U.S. Navy Wasted A Whole Decade Building Bad Ships

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