Af/Pak & Other News (12/7/2011)

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Dec 7, 2011, 1:10:35 PM12/7/11
'Silent coup' rumors swirl as Zardari leaves Pakistan:

Afghan President Says Attack Came From Pakistan:

U.S. Built Its Own Secret Pakistani Spy Service:

Afghan bombs kill at least 78 people in two days:


Other news:

Iran blocks US 'virtual embassy':

The Downed RQ-170 and Hezbollah:

Analysts: Lost USAF UAV Likely Malfunctioned:

US sources: Downed CIA drone made previous trips over Iran:

Assad says only "crazy" leaders kill own people:

Sustainment Skills Key in Iraq, Afghanistan:

Libya's Attorney General Says Gunmen Attacked Him:

Mexico says Gadhafi son tried to enter country:

North Korea working on road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile:

Israel And The Nature Of Existence:

IDF uses ‘Black Swan’ to train cadets for Hezbollah battles:

Fugitive 'Red Shirt' leader surrenders in Thailand:

Mali to receive Canadian special forces to fight al Qaeda:

China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat:

U.S. Spy Plane Shot Secret Video of Jamaican ‘Massacre’:

U.S. Troops Deploy in LRA Rebel Hunt: Ugandan Army:

South Korea to buy 177 JASSM:

Video: U-2 Carrier Ops:

UK protests to Argentina over Falklands:

US Navy, Northrop Grumman Demonstrate First Manned-Unmanned Intel

Brazilian Naval Ambitions:

HMS Illustrious training on new role as LPH:

U.S. Army Won't Fight if C-27J Is Canceled:

Japan Coast Guard Orders ISE Explorer AUV:

LIMA: Sapura offers Malaysian-designed UAVs:

VTUAV Updates:

Lockheed Martin To Demo Air Force Reusable Booster System:

IN FOCUS: USAF committed to replace AMRAAM and HARM with new missile:

Rare, Unseen Photos: Aftermath of Pearl Harbor:

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