Af/Pak & Other News (2/6/2021)

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Feb 6, 2021, 9:47:35 PM2/6/21
Afghanistan Welcomes Report Calling for Deadline Extension of US Troop Withdrawal

Pakistan Fences Off Afghanistan, Impacting Families And Fighters

Air Defense: India Stumbles To Success

U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer Bomber Debuts at Aero India 2021

Indian farmers launch nationwide highway blockade

Indian Air Force sends RFP to HAL for 70 HTT-40 basic trainers, previously rejected

HAL's loyal wingmen break cover

Iran U.N. inspectors find radioactive traces, raising fresh concerns

AQAP leader reportedly captured

Biden Extends Ban on Turkey Buying F-35 Stealth Fighter

Five things to know about Biden's Yemen move

Review: Gökdeniz 35mm naval short-range air defense system CIWS for Istanbul-class frigate

Russia Is Extending One Of The Runways At Its Syrian Airbase

Riots, activist's slaying push Lebanon toward 'security chaos'

German firm to remove dangerous material from Beirut port

Israeli Airstrikes Hit Hezbollah Sites on Golan Heights, Damascus Airport

Libya power brokers welcome accord but challenges lie ahead

Swedish troops join French-led Takuba task force in Mali

Russia To Conclude Tsirkon Hypersonic Missile Tests This Year

Russia’s massively powerful nukes are strategic duds

Russia’s S-500 Missile Defense to Enter Service in 2021

‘We Are Gaining in Strength’: After Navalny’s Imprisonment, Russian Opposition Looks Ahead

'Putin is turning his main threat into a martyr': Will attack on Navalny, journalists and 5,700 detained Russians backfire?

Made in Armenia: Turkmenistan operates the K6-92 SMG

Kazakhstan unveils indigenous Chagall UAV

Germany venturing into development of new Eurodrone UAV

British nuclear sub fires torpedo at itself

New Cutaway of Royal Navy's Trafalgar Class Submarine

Biden administration’s first FMS approval is to Chile for SM-2 Block IIIA missiles

Don’t Underestimate China’s Military-Civil Fusion Efforts

Report: China is Stealing DNA of U.S. Citizens

How China is fast catching up with the West in the race for air-to-air missile superiority

China Replacing Russian Mi-17 Helicopters with Indigenous Z-20 Choppers

Chinese missile base near Vietnam border?

The New Cold War With China Is Now Underway

Sohae Satellite Launching Station: Snow Removal Underway

'It Seemed So Unbelievable': The Case of the Women Tricked Into Publicly Assassinating Kim Jong Un's Brother

Myanmar’s military built a new capital as a haven for power. Other countries have tried that, too.

Official tasked with briefing Biden reportedly defended CIA’s false intel about torture effectiveness

Former CIA officer explains why Biden is right not to 'run the risk' of sending Trump intelligence briefings

US should seize on China’s big weaknesses to curb its global ambitions, Washington strategy report advises

The Fate of Clean Hydrogen Rests in This Goop

The race for AI is getting tight, but who is winning it?

USAF plans more tests of drone-fighter plane collaborations

U.S. Air Force to review global base security after intrusion at home of Air Force One

Images Show U-2 That Flew Intriguing Flight Over California Was Equipped With A Panoramic Camera

Baltimore Has Officially Ended Its Creepy Spy Plane Program

Sikorsky to build six VH-92A helicopters for Biden administration

What Will the Future of Biological Warfare Look Like?

SpaceX Will Replace Cargo Planes on Its Path to $1 Trillion per Year in Revenue

New approach to Ground-based Midcourse Defense confronts our other enemy

MDA Unveils GPI In Retooled Counter-Hypersonic Plan

US Army sets first shoot-off for airborne, long-range precision munitions

U.S. Army engineers to conduct maneuver testing on the RCV-L prototypes

Major nacelle redesign effort for Air Force Special Operations Command’s CV-22 Ospreys

DARPA picks three for its Manta Ray large UUV project

Navy Arms Stealthy Zumwalt Destroyer With Hypersonic Weapons

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