Af/Pak & Other News (8/11/2012)

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Aug 11, 2012, 8:56:09 PM8/11/12
Three US Marines shot dead on military base in Afghanistan:

Taliban infiltrator kills 11 Afghan police:

Afghanistan Unmanned Cargo Supply Mission Can Be Extended

AUVSI 2012: US Marines to receive Dragon Runner 10s for Afghan ops:

Training the Afghan Military:

Nightlighter to Spot IEDs at Night:

Army, Marines Eying Backpackable Mini-Helicopter:

Taliban Gun Locker: The Frankengun of Wardak Province:

'Kill list' legal challenge brought by man who lost five relatives in
missile strike:

Former Army General Continues to Push for More Ground Robots:

Mapping Cultures:

MoD launches investigation into storage of soldiers' body parts:

Indian Navy issues tender for 56 naval helicopters:

Iran earthquakes kill 180, injure 1,300:

Israeli official: Iran has made progress toward nuclear warhead:

Iraq attacks on Shiites and lawyers kill 21:

Australian fined over Iraq oil-for-food kickbacks:

Turkish forces end anti-PKK operation in Semdinli:,0,894502.story

Turkey And The Lost Province:

US, Turkey explore no-fly zones over Syria:

US and Turkey plan for 'worst Syria scenario' :

Sectarian slaying: Syrian rebels attack Alawites, Christians -

Blasts in Aleppo, Damascus as US pushes for regime fall:

Defections and attrition warfare, weapons of Syria's revolt:

Rebels carve out large enclave in north Syria:

Report: IDF enters Sinai to block migrants:

Indian Navy Warships Conclude Israeli Visit:

Last flight in War of Attrition:

Gunmen murder Libyan general:

Scan Eagle Anti-Piracy Operations:

International Debut for the Russian T-90MS Tank Upgrade at DefExpo

Putin says Russia to get hundreds of military planes:

Why The Chinese Navy Is In Bulgaria:

Russia Plans to Field the T-99, a Radically New Main Battle Tank by

Mexico hands over drug-smuggling 'queen' Sandra Avila to US:

Philippine Navy buying 2 Italian warships:

AntiLeaks group claim responsibility for WikiLeaks attacks:

MLB/AAI Team to Build Long-Endurance Vertical Takeoff And Landing
(VTOL) Tier II-Size UAV for the US Air Force:

Building soldiers Spider-Man suits:

Code Names, Nicknames, and Pseudonyms of Declassified Black Projects
at Groom Lake, Nevada:

Pyros Demonstrates Lethality, Low Collateral Damage in End-to-End

F-35 drops its first bomb:

Air Force, Navy Seek Cooperation Developing Battle Hardened Drones:

Pentagon starts search for Air Force Once, Marine One replacements:

TECHNOLOGY: Big Droids and Drones Conference in Las Vegas:

Liquid Robotics Offer Wave Glider Robots to the Military:

Panetta: More Rounds of Base Closures Are Inevitable:

Bell loses 525R testbed in crash:

"Wired" Gets it Wrong, Again:

TECHNOLOGY: A Couple of Unmanned Aircraft Firsts (UPDATE):

'Smart Fingertips' Pave Way for Virtual Sensations:

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