Af/Pak & Other News (5/23/2021)

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May 23, 2021, 8:43:13 PM5/23/21
DOD Official Discusses 'Moral Obligation' to Help Those in Afghanistan Who Helped U.S.

Danish Documentary ‘Armadillo’ Shows Unvarnished Reality of Afghan Combat

Blast at Iranian complex housing drone factory injures nine

Crisis Brewing? Following Protests, Iranians Threaten to Boycott Presidential Election

Iran top lawmaker says nuclear monitoring deal with IAEA has expired

Iraq estimates that $150 billion of its oil money has been stolen from the country since the US-led invasion of 2003

US military commander warns over Iraq militias’ drones

US general: As US scales back in Mideast, China may step in

Yemen's Houthi rebels say shoot down Saudi-led coalition drone

Civil war, ruin, raging poverty... but Assad is guaranteed to win Syria’s fake election

'Assad takes from Syrians, gives resources to Iran, Russia'

Israel’s Gaza challenge: stopping metal tubes turning into rockets

IDF spokesperson on rocket attacks: Iran had 'hands on involvement on the ground'

Hamas digs up bodies of terrorists killed in Israeli strike on tunnel network

Ever Given owner says Suez canal authority at fault for grounding

After Seven Years Of Conflict, Ukraine's Frontline City Of Mariupol Is 'Just Tired' Of The Fighting

Chernobyl's nuclear fuel is smoldering. To prevent another accident, researchers are studying the site's radioactive lava.

Russia Has a Serious Plan to Militarily Dominate the Arctic For Good

MAKS: the space plane An-225 Mriya was supposed to launch

Russian Naval Aviators eject from Sukhoi fighter jet

Belarus Forces Down Plane to Seize Dissident; Europe Sees ‘State Hijacking’

Belsat Satellite Network Reports Raid By Belarusian Security Forces

Poland Procures Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Drones Almost Out of the Blue

Romania to field newest version of US Patriot air defense missile system

First Greek Rafale B

Kongsberg orders more Australian RF sensors for Joint Strike Missile

France begins Rafale F4-1 flight trials

Russia's submarines are circling Britain's entire coastline as Putin's forces remain 'our number one threat', says Defence Secretary Ben Wallace

China slowly invading Himalayan neighbour Bhutan, says ..

China’s New ‘Mini Aircraft Carriers’: A Threat to the U.S. Military?

Pentagon's UFO footage — and Obama's curiosity — ratchet up expectations for a big reveal

Racing the Sun to Protect America

USSOCOM Comments on Potential Amphibious MC-130J Plane

Perfecting Loitering Munitions

Soft Recoil Technology Could Let The Army Put Heavy Guns On Light, Maneuverable Ground Vehicles

The Navy has a new ocean to worry about, it's not clear how it's going to deal with it, top lawmaker says

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