Af/Pak & Other News (5/14/2021)

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May 14, 2021, 1:28:14 PM5/14/21
What the War in Afghanistan Looks Like on the Front Line

'Very difficult fight': Afghan army, Taliban set for major clash outside Kabul as U.S. troops exit

Taliban control in Afghanistan expands significantly since 2018

US Pulls Out of Major Kandahar Base in Southern Afghanistan: Afghan Army

America's shadow army is leaving Afghanistan too

Spy Agencies Seek New Afghan Allies as U.S. Withdraws

As US pulls out of Afghanistan, China sees opportunities -- and potential for chaos

Suspected Pakistani spies use catfishing, stealthy hacking tools to target Indian defense sector

India’s Air Force Steps Forward as Citizens Scramble for Oxygen

Iran To Saudi Arabia: Sell Our Oil And We Will Reduce Houthi Attacks

Canada slams ‘unconscionable’ Iran conduct since airliner shootdown

ISIS used chemical weapons on Iraqi prisoners, U.N. investigators find

Greek Patriots Head To Saudi Arabia

A Rusting Oil Tanker Off the Coast of Yemen Is an Environmental Catastrophe Waiting to Happen. Can Anyone Prevent It?

Russia Turns Back U.S. Military Convoy in Syria Confrontation

Russia Pushes A Dangerous Narrative Ahead of Syria’s Sham Election

Israel Says Rockets Fired From Lebanon Amid Fear of New Front in Gaza Fight

Palestinian Militants Are Now Launching Suicide Drones At Israel

Iran says Hamas is targeting Iron Dome sites, airports

Here's what it looked like the last time Israeli forces launched a major ground offensive against Hamas in Gaza

New Details of Hamas' Rockets Emerge

Taking the call in Gaza before Israel takes out the building

IDF strikes Hamas cyber cell, tunnel networks in non-stop assault on Gaza

Hamas Targets Israeli Oil And Nuclear Facilities With Rocket Attacks

Israel Plans Gaza Ground Invasion, Hamas Fires Long-Range Rocket in Major Escalation

Analysis: Israel, Hamas race to claim victory before truce

Ukrainian military adopts new Leleka-100 unmanned aerial system

Putin says Ukraine is becoming an 'anti-Russia', pledges response

The U.S. and NATO promised to protect Ukraine. If Ukraine is the aggressor, all bets are off.

Russian RS-28 Sarmat ICBM can carry several types of warheads

Russia’s Rosoboronexport Delivers Underwater Weapons to Foreign Customer

Russia Faces Four Front War

Russia to send film crew to space, racing with Tom Cruise shoot

Suspected Russia-led cyber campaign targets Germany’s Green party leader

Leonardo pitches M-346FA as Polish ‘Fitter' replacement

British Royal Air Force invests in space capabilities

Images show HMS Queen Elizabeth’s hangar packed

China pitching JF-17 to Argentina again

Britain Could Block Pak-Chinese JF-17 Jet’s Sale to Argentina

China’s Ambitious Plans in Space: The Moon, Mars and Beyond

Did the coronavirus come directly from animals or was it released from a lab? Top American scientists join call for answers.

Australian, French, Japanese, and US Troops Begin Joint Exercises To Counter China

Four Countries Are Massing Ships And Troops To Practice Retaking An Island From The Chinese

Navy Sending Two Guam-Based MQ-4C Tritons to Japan for Temporary Operations

Philippines' Duterte says won't withdraw ships from contested waters

US officials confirm 130 incidents of mysterious Havana syndrome brain injury

The U.S. Government Hides Some Of Its Darkest Secrets At The Department Of Energy

U.S. Marine officer first active-duty military charged in U.S. Capitol riot

Retired US generals claim Joe Biden not fit to be President

The Pentagon is tracking US citizens without a warrant, Senator says

HASC Lawmakers to Push Pentagon to Designate Top-Level Leaders for Electromagnetic Warfare

US government plans to disrupt hackers behind Colonial Pipeline ransomware, Biden says

Hacks Drive Growing Calls For Mandatory Cyber Data Sharing

New Cloaking Device Can Alter Thermal Appearance of Objects

DARPA Developing Interpreting Device That Goes Beyond Words

'The Army needs to get a clue': The US military's fight over money isn't really about China

Robot Dogs on Patrol at Tyndall Air Force Base

JASDF, RoKAF to participate in Red Flag Alaska 21-2

The Army Is Testing Arming Its Light Tactical Vehicles With Drones

US Army Prototype Laser Weapon Set for Live-Fire Test

We tried out the Army’s new high-tech night vision goggles and they’re just as amazing as we’ve heard

The Army Has Finally Revealed The Range Of Its New Hypersonic Weapon

Marine Corps Commandant Prioritizing Anti-Ship Missiles

Marines Sank a Moving Ship When They Fired a Navy Missile from a Drone Truck

Report to Congress on Marine Corps’ Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle Program

USAF retires B-1B “Spectre,” the Lancer that made dramatic emergency landing at Midland airport after the number 4 engine had a fire in mid-air

New Force Design: NGAD Needed Soon, F-22 Sunset Begins in 2030

Program Leader Says High Costs Pose ‘Existential Threat’ to F-35

ALIS Working Better, But F-35 Full-Rate Date Still Unclear

Navy Sub-Hunting Reaper Drone Connects Warships to "Over-The-Horizon" Target

US Navy completes second live fire test of AIM‑120D-3 missile from F/A-18F fighter

Rare US Navy vehicle, the Low Visibility Craft (LVC) for Dolphin Delivery

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