Af/Pak & Other News (6/23/2021)

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Jun 23, 2021, 3:12:11 PM6/23/21
UN urges world to push Afghanistan from battlefield to talks

50 of Afghanistan's 370 districts have fallen to Taliban since May: UN envoy

Kunduz province in danger of falling to the Taliban

Calls grow to evacuate Afghans to Guam as US troops leave

Securing America’s Interests Over Afghanistan

Turkey Says It Will Not Send More Troops to Afghanistan for Airport Security

Indian officials engaging with Taliban ‘quietly’

A 2020 explosion forced early return of SSN Chakra to Russia

Feds seize dozens of Iran-linked websites spreading disinformation in U.S.

Pentagon tracked failed Iranian satellite launch and new images reveal Tehran is set to try again

Iran says it's foiled sabotage drone attack on nuclear facility

Iran atomic facility substantially damaged in attack - sources

‘Old guard’ of Iraqi parties, militias dig in against a weak state

Yemen rebels claim downing of US-made drones, US denies it

Assad forces’ shelling in Syria causes 5,000 civilians to flee

Russian Air Force Orlan-10 UAV Crashes in Syria

Lebanon may need a savior, but it likely won't be Syria this time

Israeli Firm Unveils ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Technology for Soldiers

Israel: Protecting The Future

Over 50 Killed, 100 Wounded After 'Horrific' Airstrike Hits Tigray Market

Congo: Power Peacekeeping

EU military mission to Mozambique to be approved next month

Ivory Coast sentences former PM Soro to life imprisonment for plotting coup

Ukraine Unveils Unmanned Combat Rotorcraft

Ukraine Delivers Dozor-B Armored Vehicle to the U.S.

UK and Ukraine Sign a Memorandum On The Implementation of Maritime Partnership Projects

How Vladimir Putin uses natural gas to exert Russian influence and punish his enemies

Vladimir Putin Warns of 'Unpredictable Incidents' as U.K. Denies Russia Fired on Warship

Russia Claims Bombs Dropped To Warn Off British Warship, Royal Navy Says It Never Happened

Citing “Insiders” Swiss Public Television Says The F-35 Has Won The Swiss Air Force Fighter Jet Evaluation

Germany backs 1.4 bln euro purchase of Boeing maritime patrol aircraft - source

Britain's spy agency honours codebreaker Turing in giant artwork

New British 50 pound note with WW2 codebreaker Turing enters circulation

British shipbuilder Babcock to help beef up Ukraine’s navy

A British army email mishap publicly mentioned a military intel unit so secretive its members are banned from social media

China’s military build-up at disputed border worries India, foreign minister says

Chinese S-400 systems across LAC, forces India to rethink air defence

China’s Latest Submarine Seems To Have Lifted Its Sail Design From Sweden’s New A26 Class

China prepares for Communist Party centenary in secret

North Korea Nearly Hacked Its Way to a $1,000,000,000

Why Indonesia Wants Large Frigates from Italy.

US-Philippine VFA military pact ‘in limbo’ until Duterte leaves office

Pentagon UFO report: Here's what we know

NASA Has No Idea What To Do About The UAP/UFO Report

“I Hope the Mindset Has Changed”: John Podesta Is Thrilled That Congress Finally Cares About UFOs

Devices of Unknown Origin Part I: Mystery in the Caribbean

Police Helicopter Crew Says Mysterious Craft They Chased Was “Not Like Any Other” Drone

Intel agencies in an age of ‘nuclear’ cyberattacks, political assassinations

Feds Shoot Down Rumor China’s Missing Spymaster Defected to U.S.

The Next War: How the U.S. Armed Forces are evolving

Russian Warships Came Within Just 34 Miles Of Hawaii During Recent Drills

The U.S. Military Wants A Better Microwave Weapon. Will The Police Also Use It?

MDA Sees EW, Cyber For Future Missile Defense

The Army Should Diversify Its Vehicle Fuels But Not Rely On Electricity Or EVs, A DoD-Sponsored Report Says

Hero-120 loitering munition selected for USMC OPF-M system requirement

The Marine Corps Is Redesigning Infantry Battalions for the Future

USAF Plans to retire 42 A-10 Warthogs. Indiana ANG and one squadron at Davis-Monthan will lose their aircraft, but both units will pick up new missions.

Air Force Flightlines Are Under Threat From Drones And It Wants Your Ideas On How To Protect Them

US Air Force funds development of pulsejet-powered air decoy

Boeing begins Phase 2 of Red Hawk flight trials

Senators grill Navy leaders on budget to deter China as US destroyer sails through Taiwan Strait

The U.S. Navy’s Next Amphibious Ship Aims To Blend In, Sneak Around

The US Navy says parts on its Virginia-class attack submarines are breaking sooner than expected

Pentagon Plan Sets Navy Up To Quickly Shed 30% Of Cruiser And Destroyer Fleet

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