Af/Pak & Other News (2/26/2021)

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Feb 26, 2021, 1:58:34 PM2/26/21
‘Policy Nightmare’: Biden’s Options In Afghanistan Fraught With Risks

India: What do we know about CATS, India’s new fighter jet drone program?

Decades after the Gulf War, Iraq’s youth view oil as a curse

Italian Tornado IDS Aircraft Have Logged More Than 4,000 Hours Flying Recce Missions Over 5,000 Targets In Iraq

Explosion strikes Israeli-owned ship in Mideast amid tension

Steven Seagal is the new pitchman for a shady armored vehicle manufacturer in the UAE

New Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDVs) From UAE

2 US Navy warships in Mideast hit by coronavirus outbreaks

U.S. Coast Guard, Greek navy conduct Arabian Sea exercises

Saudi crown prince approved operation to capture or kill Khashoggi: U.S. intelligence

Officials: Heavy fighting kills 27 people in central Yemen

Turkey rolls out mockup of unmanned electric attack helicopter

TAI delivers 2 new ANKA UCAV to the Turkish Navy

Biden Strikes Back: What We Know About The Bombing Raid On Iran's Militias

Biden’s Retaliatory Strike In Syria Is A Double-Edged Message To Tehran

Joe Biden’s Syria Airstrike Hit the Wrong Target

Russia says U.S. gave only a few minutes’ warning before strike in Syria

British aircraft hit 15k hours over Syria and Iraq last year

Islamic State Fuels Syria Violence, Re-energizing Fighters and Supporters

CH-53K King Stallion Beats CH-47 Chinook To Become Israel's Next Heavy Lift Helicopter

Rafael Develops Ground-Based Air Defense Variant of I-Derby ER Missile

Egypt, 10 years on: From revolution to counter-revolution

Libya risks losing control of its destiny as planeloads of fighters and arms flood the country

ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s Sub-Saharan Affiliates Are Poised for Growth in 2021

Mali: French helicopter collision due to poor communication, report finds

Nigeria confronts second mass kidnapping of schoolchildren in nine days after 317 girls vanish

Eritrean troops killed hundreds of civilians in Ethiopia’s Tigray, Amnesty says

Antonov to design indigenous heavy strike drone for Ukraine

Biden Says U.S. Stands With Ukraine, Will Never Recognize Crimea Annexation

A New Class of Ship by Russia, UMK Varan

New details on KB SAT’s AR-10 stealthy UCAV

Boeing 777 makes emergency landing in Moscow after engine sensor problem

21st Century T-34s

MiG-41: what it was and what it wasn’t | Part 1

MiG-41: the program, the plane, the legend | Part 2

New Details of Russian Belgorod ‘Doomsday’ Submarine Revealed

Explosive Rhetoric: The Russian Missile At The Heart Of Yerevan Unrest

Russia sends Putin opponent Navalny to penal colony for 18-month sentence

Putin May Have Triggered an Attempted Coup in Armenia After PM Insulted His Missiles

Italy orders first two U212 ‘Near Future Submarines’

Italian army unveils new details on its future AH-249 combat helicopter

France: Military Alternatives To DJI

RAF Retires Sentinel R1 Intelligence Gathering Aircraft With Final Mission To Watch Kaliningrad And Belarus

Is the RAF’s ‘Go-Go Gadget Plane’ a good idea? Analysis of the Aeralis concept

Chinese Skunk Works: what is COMAC Dream Studio?

China Said to be Installing Missile Base Near Border with Vietnam

Chinese troops showcase super-soldier exoskeleton suits

From MiG-19 with lift fans to J-18: China’s VTOL fighter jet problem

China Trying to Redefine Human Rights in Latest Campaign, Says D.C. Analyst

Destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur Transits Taiwan Strait

Taiwan’s Oceanic Affairs Council proposed getting C-130J and King Air 350ER for Coast Guard

More missiles, dispersed forces are key to stopping Chinese invasion of Taiwan, says former US Navy official

Russian diplomats push their way home with handcar out of North Korea

North Korea has at least eight ICBMs, think tank says

Japan Could Attack Chinese Vessels Attempting to land on Senkaku Islands

Vietnam strengthens fortifications in disputed South China Sea, satellite images reveal

Singapore: Kelley Aerospace unveils supersonic combat drone concept

U.S. 'War on Terror' Covered Nearly Half the World in Past 3 Years, This Map Shows Where

Navy Destroyer Pulled Into San Diego Flying An Absolutely Gargantuan American Flag

U.S., China lead world as military spending increases globally

Algorithmic Warfare: Spending on Quantum Tech on the Upswing

Bill Allowing Big Tech To Form “Techno-Governments” To Be Announced Today

Cruiser USS Vella Gulf Returns to Norfolk After Suffering Damage in Heavy Seas

Contractor steals 2,500 pages of secret documents from Air Force Research Lab; "No one checks your bags or folders or anything when you leave the office."

Air Force general busts myth that enemies always try to stop rivals’ communications

Top Air Force General In The Pacific Wants E-7 Wedgetails To Replace E-3 Radar Planes

Robo-Jets Part of Mix for Air Force TacAir Study

TacAir Study Will Determine If F-35 Production Surge Needed

M60: The Old U.S. Main Battle Tank That Refuses to Die

The F-111 Was The ‘F-35 Of Its Day,’ But Its Failure Was A Boon To U.S. Air Power

Legacy Hornet has completed its final carrier deployment

Soldiers Exposed to Blasts at Greater Risk of Alzheimer’s: Study

Congress wants a closer look at US special operations after 2 decades of secret missions and scandals

Mirage F1 Aggressor Jet Crash Lands At Tyndall Air Force Base

The U.S. Is Trying To Secure Rare Earth Elements For National Security. That Goes Beyond Simple Investment

Federal Judge Awards USS Pueblo Survivors and Families $2.3 Billion in Damages

Army EW Targets Foes For Infantry

Army upgrading EMARSS turboprop reconnaissance aircraft with surveillance sensors for dangerous missions

USAF to flight test Skyborg autonomous system at Orange Flag this summer

Air Force clears KC-46A for limited, non-combat refueling

New Air Force ISR Strategy Ready, Including MQ-9

B-52 Could Get New Hypersonic Missile: Global Strike Commander

USAF Will Not Sacrifice F-35 To Buy NGAD, Brown Says

Report to Congress on Gerald R. Ford Carrier Program

Eying China, CNO Plans Hypersonics & Lasers On Zumwalt Destroyers

Report to U.S.Congress on U.S. Navy DDG-51 and DDG-1000 Destroyers

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