Af/Pak & Other News (3/19/2021)

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Mar 19, 2021, 12:31:42 PM3/19/21
US Airstrikes Pound Taliban, Casting Doubts Over May 1 Afghanistan Withdrawal Deadline

Afghan government, Taliban agree to accelerate peace talks after Moscow summit

Taliban expect US withdrawal, vow to restore Islamic rule

20 years into the War in Afghanistan, the US is in the same position as the Soviets when they lost

Biden considers delaying U.S. troop exit from Afghanistan to later this year

Major boost to Indian Army's firepowerI Army to get 4,960 MILAN-2T Anti-Tank Guided Missiles; deal signed

Iran has not yet recovered from Natanz explosion hit - exclusive

Persistent Poor Losers

Bomb attack targets US-led coalition convoy in Iraq

What the 18th anniversary of the Iraq War teaches us about the costs of war

Fire at Saudi Arabia oil facility after drone attack

Houthis Advance on Yemen’s Marib After Taking Mountain: Govt Source

'How to end a war you didn't win': Yemen's Houthis seek Saudi concessions

Turkey: 20 detained in raids targeting PKK militants

After big wins, interest in Turkish combat drones soars

Rockets from Syria land in Turkey's Kilis province

'Caliphate' or not, Islamic State expands its reach

Lebanon’s political class ‘squabbling over a field of ruins’ as economic crisis rages

'Israel has attacked Iranian ships dozens of times in recent years'

Israel starts research center for GPS-free navigation

Libya still plagued by conflict, 10 years after NATO intervention

UN Libya report: Key takeaways, from mercenaries and Erik Prince to murders

UN says Libya arms embargo 'totally ineffective'

New revelations show how close Libya came to peaceful transition

Norinco under fire for supplying inferior armoured vehicles to Nigeria

A border war looms between Sudan and Ethiopia as Tigray conflict sends ripples through region

Ukraine Is Hardening Its Coastline Against Russian Attack

Vladimir Putin does not want peace with Ukraine

With Moscow Leaving Open Skies Treaty, Russia’s Tu-214ON Flies New Domestic Observation Mission Around Crimea

Russia deploys all Black Sea submarines during NATO drills

Russia to Test Attack Drone Prototype With Guided Munitions

Russia Merging MiG and Sukhoi Fighter Jet Manufacturing Companies

In Russia, a Virus Lockdown Targets the Opposition

US-Russia ties nosedive after Biden-Putin tit-for-tat

Russia Threatens Vax Sabotage, Blackmail & Spy Boost After Biden Calls Putin a ‘Killer’

Study: NATO Needs Its Own Bank

Top NATO Scientist With Security Clearance Busted Spying for China

Canadian drone tech used in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict - report

Bulgaria Charges Six Officials Over Alleged Spying for Russia

Germany’s Unwanted Euro Hawk Drone Has Finally Become A Very Costly Museum Exhibit

British Future Commando Force

Gunmen ambush police convoy near Mexico City, killing 13

The Strategic Implications of the China-Russia Lunar Base Cooperation Agreement

Soldiers in China’s rocket force are using virtual reality to launch missiles

What Do We Know About China’s Newest Missiles?

Chinese military restricts use of Teslas over security concerns

Massive New Chinese Military Heliport Taking Shape Right Across From Taiwan

Biden's top diplomats clash with China over human rights and cyberattacks at start of Alaska talks

China controls Uighur minority through family separations, reports say

Michael Spavor: Canadian spy trial in China ends without verdict

Taiwan says China bolstering ability to attack, blockade island

Taiwan’s Upgraded F-16V Fighter Jets Poised To Start Standing Alert Along The Taiwan Strait

Philippines is getting closer to Gripen deal

Philippine Navy commissions second and final José Rizal-class guided-missile frigate

NSA, Homeland Security Push Service to Mitigate Cyber-Attacks

Testing Aboard Cavour Aircraft Carrier Continues With U.S. F-35B In “Beast Mode”

Report to Congress on Joint All-Domain Command and Control

Lower Tier Air And Missile Defense System: The Army’s Future Super Radar

Drones Vs. Drones: Lockheed MORFIUS Uses Microwaves To Kill Swarms

Former SpaceX engineers propose two-stage eVTOL for regional, military use

U.S. Space Force Juggles Changes To Missile Warning Portfolio

Textron to Upgrade Shadow Unmanned Aircraft for U.S. Army

Army Rushes To Deploy Anti-Jam GPS Alternative For Armored Force

Army Delivers First Canisters To Its New Hypersonic Missile Battery But Won't Say Where It's Based

U.S. Air Force: “We Need North of 220 Bombers”

GAO report finds spiraling costs in F-35 modernization program

Pentagon won't declare F-35 ready for full-rate production for months

NAWCAD using rebuilt C-47 as range support aircraft

US Navy’s new unmanned plan has ‘buzzwords and platitudes’ but few answers

The Navy Experimented With Turning Its Attack Jets Into Submarine Hunters 50 Years Ago

Northrop Grumman to test E-2D Manned/Unmanned Teaming concept in lab

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