Af/Pak & Other News (9/20/2012)

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Sep 20, 2012, 1:01:03 PM9/20/12
Film protests: Pakistan added to growing no-go list for Americans:

US Will Stay Afghan Course, But Not In A 'Straight Line': Dempsey:

8 South Africans killed in Kabul:

‘Insider Attacks’ Could Poison U.S. Ops Way Beyond Afghanistan:

Bomb kills nine in Pakistan's Peshawar: officials:

No 5 RAF Force Protection Wing Defends Camp Bastion During Taliban

“We've put a high priority on is to conduct a detailed analysis of
every [green-on-blue] attack and the background of the shooter. One of
the problems that we have is, most of the shooters are killed in the
attacks or escape -- over half. But that doesn't stop you still
digging into their background using multiple means and actually
interviewing the ones that we detain. The way I describe it is a bit
like watching for suicide.”:

British soldier in Afghanistan gives birth at base attacked by

Pentagon Invents New Goal for Afghan Surge Now That It’s Done:

Pill Popping Professionals:

'Foreign militants' still present in Ghazni:

“I predict that traumatic brain injury is going to be the Agent Orange
of this conflict.”:

Army Investigating 3rd Infantry Division’s Acquisition of
Controversial Intel Software:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Senators: Obama's drawdown of troops in Afghanistan contributes to
insider attacks:

Iraq denies airspace used by Iran to ship arms to Syria:,0,557610.story

Turkey says Syrian missile took down plane:

At least 54 killed in Syria blast:

Syrian TV says a helicopter has crashed near Damascus:

Army chopper hits airliner with 200 aboard, says Syria government -

Amid Syria carnage, fears of chemical arms:

Israel Military Holds Largest Snap Drill in Years:

Documents: Explicit warning of Yom Kippur War failed to reach Israeli

Egypt appoints new intelligence chief:

Libya: Ex-Gitmo detainee reportedly tied to consulate attack:

US, Allies Wrestle With Intel Sharing Problems Exposed In Libya Ops:

Latest developments in protest of anti-Islam film:

Analysis: 'Manufactured outrage' behind Middle East protests:

AAD: Denel offers Hungwe UAV:

Denel and Tawazun Holdings to manufacture precision-guided weapon

US, China Team Up for Counterpiracy Exercise:

AAD: Saab offers unmanned Skeldar for anti-piracy duties:

Italy court upholds "rendition" convictions on ex-CIA agents:

Dead Russian dissident's links to UK espionage to stay secret:

Pictures prompt Russian defence ministry to confirm Eurocopter

Some EU states may no longer afford air forces-general:

Russia cuts Kyrgyz debt for military, power deals:,0,7996598.story

Asian hackers p0wned by Eastern European rivals;
Former Soviet bloc countries hack hardest, says former presidential
security man:

How close were we to armageddon? 50 years on, why should we still
study the Cuban Missile Crisis?:

Panetta: Navy Will Invite China to Pacific Rim Exercise:

Photo: Ka-28, Z-9 on board Varyag:

Philippines says coup plotter in secret China talks:

China cyberattacks hit Japan in island row: police:

Air Force Officials Describe ICBM Way-Ahead:

Raytheon Trimode Seeker Work Progresses With SDB II:

Robotic tuna is built by Homeland Security:

Boeing KC-46 tanker programme on track, says US Air Force:

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