Af/Pak & Other News (8/7/2012)

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Aug 7, 2012, 4:35:09 PM8/7/12
Afghan defense minister quits, hands Karzai a security headache:

Taliban bomb blast kills eight in Kabul: police:

Donkey bomb kills Afghan police chief:

French soldier and 10 Taliban killed in Afghan firefight:

Marine Corps extends K-MAX Afghanistan deployment to 2013:

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India’s First Nuclear Submarine Set for Trials:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

US kills AQAP bombmaker, 9 fighters in pair of strikes in Yemen:

Yemen restructures army, cuts powers of ex-leader's son:

Iran backs Assad as Syrian forces choke off Aleppo:

Iran on diplomatic blitz to free hostages in Syria:

Assad Strikes Oil Deal to Keep War Machine Moving:

More Syrians flee to Turkey as fighting spreads:

Syrian conflict fuels hotel boom in Turkey border province:

Lawyer who defended suspected al Qaeda militants in Turkey killed in

Desperate Men Take Desperate Measures:

Israel, U.S. Agree To $450 Million In F-35 EW Work:

In Egypt's Sinai peninsula, militants pose a new threat:,0,5046412.story

Uganda deploys air force to pursue militants in Somalia:,0,6197084.story

Somali airspace routinely violated by foreign UAVs and other aircraft
– UN:

Belgium – Javelin Missiles:

PICTURES: Alenia Aermacchi rolls out first M-346 for Singapore:

B-52s Provide RIMPAC 2012 Air Capability:

Japanese Iron Man Suit for Sale:

Cost of 'Growler' Jets Blows Out to $1.7b:

'Too Many Screens': Why Drones Are So Hard To Fly - And So Easy To

To Keep Stealth Edge, Pentagon Looks for New Ways to Mine ‘Rare

Fixing Worn-Out Raptors at Hill Air Force Base:

First supersonic AIM-9X launch from an F-22 Raptor:

Used Cars and F-35s:

Air Force Selects MLB/AAI/BYU to Develop Long-Endurance VTOL Tier II-
Size UAV:

Can the 50-year-old Chinook hit a century?:

Lockheed Micro-Quadcopter and Other Things AUVSI 2012:

Time To Talk Lasers:

NCIS Targets Danger Room in Silliest Leak Investigation Ever:

Third X-51A Hypersonic Test Targeted For Mid-August:

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