Af/Pak & Other News (7/16/2021)

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Jul 16, 2021, 1:30:41 PM7/16/21
US intel assessments on Afghanistan warn of 'accelerating pace' of Taliban hold on country

Nearly half of Afghanistan’s provincial capitals under threat from Taliban

Afghan forces fighting to retake Pakistan border crossing

Taliban Shoots Down Afghan Helicopter Even as U.S. Delivers New Attack Choppers

Pakistan Air Force has warned Afghan forces on acting against Taliban: Afghanistan vice-president Amrullah Saleh

Afghan Air Force Aborts Anti-Taliban Attack by A29 Aircraft Following Pakistan Warning

Is Afghanistan Doomed to Fall to the Taliban?

A war correspondent was killed in Afghanistan days after live-tweeting Taliban RPGs hitting his Humvee

Women’s groups call for UN peacekeeping force in Afghanistan

How US withdrawal from Afghanistan will undermine Russia's efforts to dominate Eurasia

Taliban Welcome Their New Chinese Overlords

33 years after getting demolished by the US, Iran's navy is flexing its new muscles

Iranian Commander’s Visit to Iraq Reveals Rifts in the Iranian Government

Yemenis build siege-defying highway to safety

Aselsan delivers electronic attack system to Turkish Army

Turkey says mass grave found in Syria’s Afrin

320 New Weapons Tested: Russia’s Military Went to War in Syria With a Clear Plan

Israel's regional choices are affected by Iran in Syria - here's how

Netanyahu urged Trump to attack Iran after he lost the presidency — report

Israelis plan military buildup to counter 'Iran arming itself with a nuclear weapon'

Cheap, Slow And Out Of Control

IDF says drone crashed in Lebanon due to malfunction, no data leaked

Rafael exhibitits latest generation of Spike missiles ER2 and LR2

Nigeria’s six A-29s are on their way home

Gunmen kill Nigerian army general on highway from capital

Munitions, firearms stocks run critically low in South Africa following unrest and more restrictive laws

The Ukrainian Navy’s Killer Drone Has Arrived

Putin’s new Ukraine essay reveals imperial ambitions

An-28 with 17 Persons Missing in Russia, Second Incident Involving Antonov Plane in 10 days

Small Russian plane makes forced landing after engine fails

Russia’s New Fighter Jet Design Breaks Cover

Russian Defense Ministry website targeted by foreign cyberattack

Disinformation experts doubt authenticity of leaked documents describing a Russian plot to help Trump in 2016

Watch This Black Hawk Clip Street Lights During Emergency Landing In Romanian Capital

French air force buys nine more PC-21 trainers

Classified Challenger tank specs leaked online for videogame

Arctic Pit Stop A First For British Typhoon Fighter Jets

Records reveal how Haitian American held in assassination probe financed a ‘personal security’ team

Sending US troops to Haiti is ‘not on the agenda’, Biden says

France says military intervention in Haiti 'not on agenda'

China’s Space Program Is More Military Than You Might Think

China’s third aircraft carrier could launch this year – but still needs the right jets

How China Stole the Designs for the F-35 Stealth Fighter

Chinese anti-submarine warfare plane enters Taiwan’s ADIZ

‘Sense Of Crisis’ On China-Taiwan: Japan Defense White Paper

North Korea May Be Using 5G Technology to Monitor Its Border With China

South Korean air force retires last MIM-23 HAWK SAM systems

Moving missiles: Army shuttles Patriot batteries around the Pacific in message to adversaries

Foreign actors will seek to interfere in next Canada election - spy agency

“You’re Gonna Have a Fucking War”: Mark Milley’s Fight to Stop Trump from Striking Iran

The Next War’s ‘Butcher’s Bill’ Will Match WWII’s—Unless the US Adapts, Milley Says

A Toxic Brew of Careerism and Fear: Why the Navy Could Lose a War To China

‘Sleeper Agent’ Review: From Moscow to Oak Ridge

IBCS Overcomes Electronic Attacks, Downs Cruise Missile

National Guard Scrambles for Funds After Congress Refuses to Cover Jan. 6-Related Costs

Interesting photos show B-1B Lancer decommission process at Barksdale AFB

How to Spy on Military Bases From Space

Space Force Has High Hopes for New Missile Warning Satellites

Space Force declares operational acceptance of fifth anti-jamming GPS III satellite

Report to U.S. Congress on Hypersonic Weapons

Report: Army Doing Poor Job Communicating its Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Needs

Target marking, fire-on-the-move fixes needed for upgunned Stryker programme, says US Army

Air Force Nuclear Cruise Missiles Seen Costing About $29 Billion

The Warthog and the senator: The politics of retiring a warplane

MQ-9 cleared for Automatic Takeoff and Landing; ready for ACE operations

Progress on B-21 Means Current Bombers Need a Fast Retirement

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