Af/Pak & Other News (5/17/2021)

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May 17, 2021, 1:55:44 PM5/17/21
Government forces clash with Taliban in Afghanistan

As U.S. leaves Afghanistan, emboldened extremists lash out at the softest targets

Afghans who helped the US now fear being left behind

Iranian Army to get 1,000 new drones

U.S. tiptoes through sanctions minefield toward Iran nuclear deal

Iran nuclear deal could weaken U.S. efforts to end Israel-Gaza violence

8 IS militants killed in airstrikes in northern Iraq

Turkish airstrikes kill 3 PKK terrorists in northern Iraq

Turkish firm develops mini rocket for small and micro-UAVs

Why Iran absorbs Israeli-inflicted blows on its militant proxies in Syria

Iron Dome intercepts drone during combat for first time, says Israeli military

Israel said it didn't mean to kill 42 civilians in Gaza on Sunday, saying it attacked a series of militant tunnels that caused people's homes to collapse

Turkey media threatens Israel with 'Libya model' of water grab off Gaza

Senior Islamic Jihad commander killed in Israeli airstrike

IDF thwarts numerous ramming attacks as fires break out due to terror

Israel is targeting Hamas naval forces. So what can Hamas do by sea?

A former Associated Press editor suggested that Hamas did have offices in the agency's Gaza City building, which Israel destroyed over the weekend

13 Countries to Participate in Phoenix Express Naval Exercise

Somalia: Turks And Iranians Unite The Country

Russian Air Force reconnaissance squadrons to be equipped with drones

Russia tracking UK patrol ship HMS Trent in Black Sea

Despite Covid, 100+ IAF personnel are in Russia on S-400 missile training as delivery nears

'The best master': New Stalin Center evokes pride, and revulsion among Russians

Switzerland’s Remarkable ‘Navy’: A Covert Shores Guide

Video : Navantia floats out Isaac Peral S-80 class submarine

France, Germany and Spain Strike Deal Over Joint Combat Jet

Requirements for future British Army anti-armour revealed

U.S. Navy, NATO begin missile exercises off Scottish coast

Argentina evaluates ISR pod on IA-58 Pucará Fénix aircraft

Bolivian police find and destroy three crack cocaine 'mega-factories'

PLA modernises Xinjiang's military units in 'reaction' to India-China LAC row

The evolving nature of China’s military diplomacy: from visits to vaccines

Chinese businessman with links to Steve Bannon is driving force for a sprawling disinformation network, researchers say

Taiwan unveils Army restructure aimed at decentralizing military

Japan: Multi-purpose Chinese Pilot Training

S.Korean Military to Purchase Hydrogen-Powered Drones from Doosan Mobility

Australian frigate Ballarat joins mission to enforce North Korea sanctions

"60 Minutes": Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs

Ball Lightning and the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Mystery

The Holy Grail Is Here: A Stable, Solid-State, Lithium-Metal Battery

Pentagon seeks ‘data advantage' in new strategic guidance

Inside the Military's Secret Undercover Army

Number of Armed UAVs Set To Expand Significantly

Budget Day is coming! How will the Pentagon waste money this year?

ULA to loft Space Force missile tracking satellite in first Atlas V launch of 2021

USMC retires first AH-1Z helo to boneyard as deliveries continue

The U.S. Air Force Has Gotten Lazy—And Lazy Won’t Cut It In A War With China

First of two OC-135B Open Skies observation aircraft that the USAF is retiring will make its final flight this week

Interesting video shows unique capabilities of the F-35 Lightning II Electro-Optical Targeting System

US Navy's Neptune project seeks new RF payloads

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