Af/Pak & Other News (7/5/2012)

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Jul 5, 2012, 6:53:47 PM7/5/12
First NATO trucks cross Pakistan border after 7-month closure:

Afghan police arrest 8 linked to poison attacks against schools in
northern Afghanistan:

Army's Foxhounds Prepare to Be Unleashed in Helmand:

Indra Presents Its New P2006t MRI Maritime Air Surveillance System at

Iraq says al Qaeda members crossing into Syria:

Syria-gate? WikiLeaks' latest drop of secret files:

WikiLeaks fingers Italy’s Finmeccanica in ‘Syria files’:

Israel Not Concerned Over F-16 Transfer:

'Hezbollah setting IDF up for another Goldstone':

Namer: Israeli Leopard Coming to the USA:

Arafat Suffered from Leukemia, Medical Treatment Exasperated His

UAV Championship Underway:

Polonium-210 is quite lethal —but it isn't easy to get:

Security concerns loom large ahead of Libya vote:

Search on for stolen grenades:

Most Dutch MPs wish to withdraw from F-35 program:

Russia’s Yak-130 Combat Trainer to Debut at Farnborough 2012:

FARNBOROUGH: Airbus Military pulls A400M out of flying display:

UK police arrest 6 on terror charges amid heightened security fears:

Brazil Buying & Building BAE’s 90m Patrol Vessels:

China's 'Carrier-Killer' Missile Prowess May Turn Out To Be Just A
Bunch Of Hype:

Malware may knock thousands off Internet on Monday:

Disorder In The Court:

Payloads Over Platforms: Charting New Course:

Missile Defense Chief Accused of Being a Toxic Boss:

DARPA's FANG: Design it, Build it, Make it Quick:

USAF Air Combat Command chief qualifies on F-22 Raptor :

CIA cracks down on sexual harassment in its ranks:,0,7091744.story

U.S. Navy Starts Run-Up To First MQ-4C Flight:

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