Af/Pak & Other News (2/1/2012)

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Feb 1, 2012, 12:18:14 PM2/1/12
Pakistan denies hidden agenda, Taliban deny talks:

Taliban POWs convinced of victory, says leaked US report on

US officials detail Afghan army attacks on coalition:

Pakistani jets bomb militants, 31 dead:

Anthrax parcel sent to Pakistan PM's house:

U.S.-Backed Militia Fortifies Afghanistan’s ‘Heart of Darkness’:

RQ-7′s wings could swell in Afghanistan’s hot summer:

Will the A-10 `Lazarus’ Cheat Death Once Again?:

Operational Energy Plans Give us a Look at Future Deployments:

Iran Could Attack Inside the U.S:

Iranian warship foils pirate attempt:

Israel sees narrowing window for attack on Iran:

London's MMRCA Fall Out:

Deaths mount as Russia resists UN drive on Syria:

Drone kills 12 Yemen militants, minister eludes attack:

Israels seeks to fill its quiver of Arrows:

Arrow 2 anti-ballistic missile system for South Korea, India?:

U.S. Admiral Plays Down Floating Gulf Base Reports:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

All 25 Chinese workers kidnapped in Egypt freed:

French warships in Libya to train navy, demine oil ports:

Russia to Sell 60 Armored Vehicles to Indonesia:

Algeria 'foils al-Qaida attack on ships':

NATO Doesn’t Yet Know How To Protect Its Networks:

NATO To OK Global Hawks, Announce Interim Missile Defense Capability:

Russia to Modernize 30 Tu-22M3 Bombers by 2020:

Get Ready for the EQ-4 Global Hawk:

U.S. accuses China of instigating plot against DuPont:

Islamists who targeted US Embassy admit London bomb plot:

The world’s first precision 81mm guided mortar round:

Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Team to Provide SEWIP Electronic Attack
Capability for U.S. Navy Anti-Ship Missile Defense:

Uncle Steve

Feb 1, 2012, 12:59:12 PM2/1/12
On Wed, Feb 01, 2012 at 09:18:14AM -0800, wrote:
> NATO Doesn’t Yet Know How To Protect Its Networks:

- BRUSSELS, Belgium — America’s top generals and
- intelligence officers openly admit that they’ve got no way
- of keeping up with the onslaught of attacks on U.S. networks. But a
- visit to NATO Headquarters makes the American brass look totally l33t.
- Part of the problem: NATO’s an organization consisting of
- diplomats and military officers with deep experience in traditional
- geopolitics and defense — who don’t really know
- how the internet works, just that they should be amorphously wary of
- its vulnerabilities.
- Add another obstacle: NATO’s primary mission for its 63
- year history is to deter attacks on its members —
- especially a nuclear attack. The language of traditional military
- deterrence is everywhere here. But how can you really speak of
- deterring people whom you fear are already, persistently pwning you?
- And how can you say for sure who’s sitting at the keyboard
- of the computer that’s directing those online attacks?
- Right now, NATO’s in education mode — and
- building new social networks to get its head around the problem. Most
- countries’ civilian CIOs haven’t ever interacted
- with the alliance. Nor have the executives and bureaucrats
- who’ve built the online and data infrastructures for
- NATO’s member countries. So NATO’s hosting more
- meetings with unfamiliar faces over calorie-rich Belgian lunches.

I hope they actually talk to experts and get serious answers.

- It’s also thinking through what kind of cyber-mitigation it
- can lend to an ally that gets hit with a DDOS or other cyberattack.
- Additional server space? Analytic sleuthing to track down the
- malefactors? Still TBD. And that’s before an actual
- response to the attack would kick in.
- Much of this unfamiliarity is totally understandable. Cybersecurity is
- a new challenge to militaries across the world. The U.S. military
- command established to protect defense networks is barely a year old,
- and it’s still getting its head around the difficulties
- inherent to its mission. And at least no one here talks about unlikely
- scenarios like a Cyber Pearl Harbor.

That would be silly. By whom? Aliens?

- But one thing appears to be off the table. “I
- don’t see NATO developing offensive cyber doctrine for the
- time being,” Shea says. They’re too busy trying
- to figure out how to play defense.

Perhaps someone could direct them to the existing literature on
computer systems security so they can do their homework first.


Uncle Steve

I don't even want the Charter back, as it was clearly 'used' by a big
blue dude when he ran out of toilet paper. And the Criminal Code of
Canada is of course now officially listed in Jane's Miscellaneous
Munitions under the Anti-Personnel section.

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