Af/Pak & Other News (7/8/2021)

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Jul 8, 2021, 1:09:14 PM7/8/21
Taliban surround major Afghan cities, ready for a showdown when U.S. troops are gone

Afghan forces retake provincial capital after Taliban incursion -defence ministry

Sources: U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan complete 'for all intents and purposes'

Afghan gov’t delegation meets Taliban in Iran

Reports: Taliban seize key Afghan border crossing with Iran

China seeks Pakistan’s help in stabilising Afghanistan after US troop withdrawal

Analysis: For Russia, U.S. Afghan exit creates security threat on southern flank

Iran has declared war on the US in Iraq through its proxies - analysis

IRGC Ground Forces receive new weapons

Iran: IRGC Unveils Ground-Based Anti-Tank Missile

Does “Deterrence” Work? The U.S. is always dropping bombs to “send a message” to its adversaries. Often, the message doesn’t seem to get through.

US troops in Iraq have come under attack every day this week

Attacks on US in Iraq becoming dangerous cycle: experts

Huge Explosion Rocks Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port Sparking Large Fire

Russia, Iran, Turkey to continue cooperation against IS in Syria - RIA cites joint statement

With Lebanon in dire straits, Hezbollah seeks to cast Iran as country’s savior

Israel: New Material May Power Tomorrow’s Cyborg Soldiers

Egypt Inaugurates A New Naval Base Near The Libyan Border

Libya: On the hunt for Gaddafi’s lost treasure

Team of Marines deployed to protect US Embassy in Eswatini amid massive unrest

Documents Reveal Erik Prince's $10 Billion Plan to Make Weapons and Create a Private Army in Ukraine

Russian Aerospace Forces tests offensive option in Arctic

Russia: Retaliation Against Cyber Cossacks

Russia’s Tu-160 Bombers Plus Hypersonic Ballistic Missiles Is a Recipe for Destruction

U.S. Navy sent Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport into the Black Sea

Presidential conference interrupted by fighter jet scramble in Lithuania

Watch the rollout ceremony of M-001, first MQ-9 for Netherlands

Greece Still Hopes to Halt German Submarine Deal with Turkey

France tests anti-drone laser weapon for use at 2024 Olympics

France: Persistence Pays Off

RAF doing market exploration for military certified zero emissions light training aircraft

RAF station Manston abandoned after 105 years!

Haitian police battle suspected members of president’s hit squad as country pitched into uncertainty

China reveals secret programme of unmanned drone submarines dating back to 1990s

Submarine Guide: Chinese Navy's Latest Type-039C Yuan Class

China space war threat growing ‘exponentially’

Beijing Eyes New Military Bases Across the Indo-Pacific

China’s Nuclear Silos and the Arms-Control Fantasy

Kim Jong Un Has Lost up to 44 Pounds, South Korean Spy Agency Says

US Army fires HIMARS rocket system in Japan for the first time during ‘Orient Shield’

Ex US Coast Guard cutter en route to new home in Vietnam

Australia: Freesite until 31 July 2021*: Hunter class frigate delay: Covid one reason: As predicted.

Visitors come from all over to take part in Roswell’s UFO Festival

Former Official: UFO Report Actually Strengthens “Alien Hypothesis”

UFO conspiracies can be more dangerous than you think

FBI investigating lllegal drone activity near Tucson

Tornado injures 10 at U.S. Navy base Kings Bay in Georgia

Pentagon Watchdog Warns Services About Cyber Threat In 3D Printing

Latest hack to test Biden’s vow for consequences for Russia

This photo shows how the A-10’s sponson on the lower wing allows the Warthog to land with the gear up and still roll (and brake!), minimizing damage to the aircraft

US Air Force issues airworthiness approval for Kitty Hawk's Heaviside eVTOL aircraft

Warhead For Air Force's First Hypersonic Missile Tested For The First Time

Rep. Turner Warns US Missile Defense Slipping Behind Russia’s Capabilities

DARPA successfully deploys first two Blackjack satellites

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Funds Redirected By Army To Buy New Humvees

The Air Force’s New Stealth Cruise Missile Is a Go. But Do We Need It?

KC-46 Tankers Expand Mission Workload, Start Refueling F-35s

Watchdog group finds F-35 sustainment costs could be headed off affordability cliff

The U.S. Navy Needs Some Way Of Sneaking Supplies Through Chinese Defenses

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