Af/Pak & Other News (7/10/2021)

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Jul 10, 2021, 10:25:46 PM7/10/21
Dozens Reported Killed As Heavy Fighting Continues Between Afghan Forces And Taliban In Kandahar

Afghan Warlord Calls U.S.'s Speedy Departure Irresponsible, Worries About Civil War

Afghanistan: Erdogan confirms Turkey will secure Kabul airport

More in U.S. Congress back help for Afghan interpreters

‘It Will Not Be Just a Civil War’; Afghanistan’s foreign minister on what may await his country after the U.S. withdrawal.

Afghan president urges Taliban to 'learn lessons from Syria, Iraq, Yemen'

Graphic Video Reportedly Shows Taliban Executing Afghan Special Forces

Fighting The Taliban Was 'Suicide': Hundreds Of Afghan Soldiers Escape To Tajikistan

Situation in Afghanistan out of our control: Pak NSA Yusuf

What Might Happen To Guantánamo Now That U.S. Troops Are Leaving Afghanistan

‘A tragic and wasted opportunity’: Australia’s inglorious exit from Afghanistan

Biden is betting big on Afghanistan's air force. But their problems continue to grow.

Biden put America first in exiting Afghanistan. He just can't say it.

Can Afghanistan Be Part of An Integrated Central Asia?

Pakistan to convert Lineage 1000 business jets into Sea Sultan maritime patrol aircraft

US withdrawal from Afghanistan and its implications for India

China-made drone used by Pakistan to attack Jammu Air Force Station: The conspiracy by Pakistan and China

Flying Of Drones Banned Over Naval Assets: Indian Navy

DRDO gives anti-drone tech demo to armed forces after attack on Jammu Air Force base

Coronavirus, poverty, Pakistan: India is under siege, but not ready for war with China

Iran cheers U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan — but fears what could follow

Second cyber attack reported at Iranian Transportation Ministry

Is Iran Losing Control Over its Proxy Militias?

Keeping up attacks, some Iraq militias challenge patron Iran

Biden under pressure to respond to escalating attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria

Biden's airstrikes fail to halt cycle of militia violence in Iraq

Top Houthi commander killed in new Yemen battle

Underage 'martyrs': Recruiting child soldiers in Yemen

Turkey's HISAR missile systems boost defense capabilities

Russia Thwarts U.S. Bid to Expand Syrian Aid Corridors

U.S. and Russia Find Life-Saving Common Ground in Syria, But Troop Question Remains

Mortar fired near US base in eastern Syria

In apparent world first, IDF deployed drone swarms in Gaza fighting

Israel is seizing cryptocurrency wallets from the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which has been using them to raise funds from donors worldwide

Nigeria getting two presidential AW189 helicopters amongst other acquisitions

Russian Mercenaries in Africa Aren’t Just There for the Money

French, U.S. Special Forces Agree to Beef Up Partnership in Africa

Ukraine says Russian-linked hackers attacked its navy's website

Watch A Russian Tu-95MS Bear Bomber Unleash Its Cold War-Era Tail Guns

Why Russia and China are Cooperating More Than Ever

Russia Threatens Military Response To U.S. Navy Drills In The Black Sea

These Russian Pilots Landed In One Piece Despite A Crippling Control Failure

Boeing Rolls Out Norway’s First Poseidon

Germany To Arm Warships With Naval Strike Missile

French Defense Minister: France Stepping Up Security Spending, Expanding Operations Abroad

Italy, UK Sign Contract for Mid-Life Upgrade of Aster Missiles

Typhoon jet to get anti-ship cruise missile

Royal Navy drops buoys to find Putin submarine that stalked Big Lizzie

Type 26 Frigate to be armed with anti-ship cruise missiles

Suspects in assassination told police the plan was to arrest, not kill, Haiti’s president

In Haiti, rivals claw for power as crisis escalates after assassination

Gang boss wades into Haiti turmoil, sees conspiracy behind president's killing

U.S. officials travel to Haiti in wake of president's assassination

U.S rebuffs Haiti troops request after president's assassination

Mercenaries: the sinister export from Colombia's conflict

Chinese researchers propose deflecting 'Armageddon' asteroids with rockets

China Tested An AI-Controlled Submarine-Hunting Underwater Drone A Decade Ago: Report

The Chinese Navy Is Building a Robo-Shark

Chinese Foreign Official Says U.S. Dominance in 'Decline' But Will Be Hard to Overtake

Data, not arms, the key driver in emerging US-China cold war

Why has China’s PLA started sending ‘grandpa fighter jets’ to test Taiwan’s air defences?

Why Is China Turning Up the Heat on Taiwan? A Debate

Japan's Mixed Signals On Defending Taiwan: Submarines.

Leaders of N.Korea, China vow greater cooperation in face of foreign hostility -KCNA

South Korea’s push to strengthen defences could trigger reaction from North and Japan, say Chinese observers

Aegis Ashore Too Limited For Guam: Former INDO-PACOM Head

The U.S. Grand Strategy of Liberal Internationalism Is Dead

Bellingcat Crowdsources Spycraft, Scales Up Sleuthing

The Political Effects of Social Media Platforms on Different Regime Types

NASA's Experimental X-56B Unmanned Aircraft Suffered An "Anomaly" After Takeoff

Sloppy Maintenance, Multiple Errors Caused F-22 to Overheat in Oct 2020: Investigation

Navy Investigating Shipyard ‘Hot Work’ Fire Aboard USS Gettysburg

Two more mystery Poseidons

War Games In California And Florida Linked To Test Massive "Kill Web"

How two F-16s from the US Air Force’s ‘boneyard’ will find a second life as digital models

Enjoy This Walkaround Tour Of The New HH-60W Jolly Green II Combat Rescue Helicopter

New Factory, Mystery Projects Hint At Digital Skunk Works Push

As Richard Branson prepares to beat Jeff Bezos to space, Blue Origin claims the flight won't go high enough to count

The famous Spec. Ops. “Little Bird” might be retired soon

Marines Train With Handheld Swarming Drones That Can Also Be Fired From 40mm Grenade Launchers

U.S. Marines could buy fewer CH-53K helicopters to control cost

Robots Prowl The Seas

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