Af/Pak & Other News (8/15/2012)

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Aug 15, 2012, 12:19:45 PM8/15/12
Afghan air force’s wait continues:

Grenades thrown into Afghan mosque compound in east wound 9; bicycle
bomb in west injures 14:

US boosts intelligence after Afghan insider attacks:

Is the Taliban wearing out its welcome in Afghanistan?:

Pakistan military plans to open new front: US:

Sweets from Pakistan followed by firing on Indian post:

K-9 teams help IED fight in Afghanistan:

The 24/7 Bone Over Afghanistan:

Gunmen abduct opposition leader in south Yemen:

Warplanes hit Aleppo in renewed Syria violence:

Bomb explodes near hotel used by UN monitors, Syrian state TV reports:

US says Iran forming pro-regime militia in Syria:

Syria Tensions Spill Over Border to Lebanon:

Lebanese clan claims kidnap of 20 Syrians:

Possible war with Iran could be month-long affair: Israel minister:

'Brigades of Osama bin Laden' forms in the West Bank:

The rise of a 'German Salafist colony' in Egypt:

Somali pirate negotiator receives 12 life sentences in US court:

Saab Takes Next Step In Fighter Development:

Poland to Replace Su-22 Bombers with UCAV:

Poland begins uncovering story of secret US detention center:

Sukhoi starts testing new AESA radar on PAK-FA:

Report: US government weighs using battlefield blimps at Mexico

Japanese Vice Defense Minister To Take Next Step In Dance Of The
Osprey; Briefing On Moroccan Crash:

Japan arrests 14 pro-China activists over disputed isles:

Bangladesh launches operation against pirates:

Photo: First batch of female J-10 fighter pilots:

Exclusive Photos: Flying With the Air Force’s Airborne Gas Station:

Hypersonic X-51 Unsuccessful? - Engine Not to Blame:

US Army certifies soldiers ready to defend battlespace with JLENS:

US Army Orders 13K More JTRS HMS Rifleman Radios:

Trapwire: It’s Not the Surveillance, It’s the Sleaze:

Planning for SNAFUS:

American gun lovers turn to Russian AK-47s:

New campaign launched by former CIA and Special Operators:

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