Af/Pak & Other News (11/9/2012)

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Nov 9, 2012, 12:37:13 PM11/9/12
Military Stats Reveal Epicenter of U.S. Drone War:

As 'insider attacks' grow, so does U.S.-Afghanistan divide:,0,7396372.story

Pakistan’s new frigates a boost for anti-piracy, maritime security

Seven Members of Navy’s Seal Team Six Disciplined For Work on Video

Navy Lynx Crews Train In US for Afghanistan Ops:

PML-Q MNA survives Dera Bugti shoe bomb attack:

Pakistan and China to jointly market Al Khalid tank:

Iran targets unarmed US drone (+video):

Predator Drones Once Shot Back at Jets… But Sucked At It:

Rebels kill 20 in capture of 3 Syrian security posts:

Report: Two Syrian generals flee to Turkey:

More al Qaeda links to Cairo terror cell reportedly found:

Tunisia arrests Ansar al Sharia member in connection with US Embassy

MBDA Germany’s high-energy laser demonstrator proves its air defense

DGA, DE&S Begin Evaluation of Watchkeeper:

Chinese ‘Expansion’ in Kyrgyzstan: Myth or Reality?:

Mexico reports capture of alleged Zetas cartel commander:,0,5057889.story

Report: Mexican Cartel Bought Guns From U.S. Border Patrol:

Photo: Harbin Z-19 light attack helicopter makes public outing at
Airshow China:

China submarines to soon carry nukes, draft U.S. report says:

Photo: CM-400AKG standoff land attack missile to be unveiled at
Airshow China:

Photo: Kill markings on Pterodactyl I UAV:

Photo: Model of J-31/J-21/F60/Blackie at Airshow China:

SEC left computers vulnerable to cyber attacks, sources say:,0,5783085.story

Darpa Works To Speed Design, Simplify Manufacture:

Quantum Computing Could Rip Open Most of the World’s Secret Codes —

Nov 9, 2012, 5:26:01 PM11/9/12
Update: CIA Director David Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair:

"CIA Director David Petraeus resigned Friday, citing an
extramarital affair and "extremely poor judgment."

As first reported by NBC News, Petraeus disclosed the
affair in a letter released to the CIA work force on
Friday afternoon, writing: "Such behavior is unacceptable,
both as a husband and as the leader of an organization
such as ours.""

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