Af/Pak & Other News (6/19/2021)

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Jun 20, 2021, 12:00:05 AM6/20/21
Afghanistan’s air force is a rare U.S.-backed success story. It may soon fail.

Departure of U.S. Contractors Poses Myriad Problems for Afghan Military

Confusion in Afghanistan as U.S. withdrawal gathers speed

Risk Of 'Taliban Momentum' As Dozens Of Afghan Districts Fall Since Foreign Withdrawal Began

Death of famed Afghan commander in Taliban massacre highlights the country’s struggles and fears

NATO Asks Qatar to Host Training for Afghan Commandos

Why Turkey Wants to Protect Kabul’s Airport

‘Ignorant or accomplice’: Afghan NSA hits out at Pak FM over ties with Taliban; Islamabad replies

Taliban Donations Soar in Pakistan Ahead of US Pullout From Afghanistan

Pakistan plans to set up international media channel funded by China to build narrative: Report

'War on Terror': Are big military deployments over?

As Iran veers right, ties with Gulf Arabs may hinge on nuclear pact

'A soldier': New Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi comes to power with clear hard-line agenda

Amnesty: Iran's Raisi should be investigated for alleged crimes against humanity

Revealed: Iran's 'ghost armada' of 123 sanction-busting tankers is selling black market oil to China to bankroll its secret nuclear programme

Iraq frees Saddam Hussein’s son-in-law after 18 years in prison

Iraq nabs 10 Daesh/ISIS militants in Kirkuk

Saudi air defences intercept 17 Houthi armed drones - state TV

Pentagon pulls missile defense, other systems from Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries

Dozens killed in northern Yemen as battle for strategic city of Marib flares

Turkey's First Anti-ship 'Atmaca' Missile Passes Final Test

Syria Adapts To Reality

‘Responsibility to Protect’ Is One More Casualty of the Syrian War

British carrier to strike targets in Syria and Iraq

Israel Aerospace to Manufacture 69 'WatchGuard' Mobile Radars for German Army

U.S. general: ‘wildfire of terrorism’ on march in Africa

Welcome To The Jungle: Ukrainian T-64B1M Tanks In DR Congo

U.S. Says 'Contingency' Aid Ready If Russia Attacks Ukraine

US Guardsmen Train Ukrainian Troops for War Against Russia

Russian Making Progress on Improved Ivan Gren-class Landing Ships

Four Killed as L-410 Airplane Carrying Parachutists Crashes in Russia’s Kemerovo Region

Russia’s Black Sea navy grows as allies worry Biden will pull back

The Russian Navy Is Going All In On a New Generation of Killer Torpedoes

Business In The Baltics: Latvia Expresses Interest In The Bayraktar TB2

Infamous ‘Tic Tac’ UFO seen by Navy pilot now spotted over England

China’s J-20 Jet Powered by Domestic Engine in Service with 2nd Ace Force Unit

Japan could drop integration of LRASM on F-15JSI

US quashed undersea communications cables for Pacific Island nations: Report

America’s First UFO Sighting Was Way Earlier Than You Think

How Admiral McRaven got fired from SEAL Team 6 (and what we can learn from it)

Missile-armed F-22 fighters launched again today as distant Russian bombers vectored toward Hawaii

French Warplanes To Train With US Military In Hawaii As Allies Solidify Ties

Missile Defense Agency Lays Out How It Plans To Defend Against Hypersonic Threats

Boeing T-7 suffers delays due to parts shortages, defect

An In-Depth Analysis of why USAF wants to retire the F-22 Raptor

U.S. Navy’s Adversary F/A-18E Super Hornet Has Been Given A Su-57 Felon Color Scheme

In Forbes and In Press: Talking To POGO About Shipyards

Shocking Images: America's Newest Aircraft Carrier Endures Explosive Tests Off Florida

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