Af/Pak & Other News (6/2/2021)

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Jun 2, 2021, 1:42:33 PM6/2/21
U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan at least 30% complete, CENTCOM says

A Month Into the US Withdrawal From Afghanistan

U.S. Will Reportedly Hand Over Bagram to Afghan Forces

A Siege, a Supply Run and a Descent Into a Decade-Old Battle

Taliban Making ‘Strategic’ Military Gains In Afghanistan As Foreign Forces Pull Out

Chemical cargo ship sinks in one of Sri Lanka's worst-ever marine disasters

Sri Lanka Issues Fishing Ban Along Coast Amid Fears of Chemical Leak from Sinking Ship

Kharg, biggest warship in Iran's navy, catches fire and sinks in the Gulf of Oman under unclear circumstances

Iranian Warship Thought to be Headed to Venezuela Left Port with 7 High-Speed Missile Boats Aboard

OSINT on Iranian Ship Makran, Sailing To Venezuela

Massive fire breaks out at oil refinery near Iran’s capital

Iran ducking questions about uranium at undeclared sites, UN watchdog says

Erdogan Says Turkey Could Target Refugee Camp Deep Inside Iraq

Bashar al-Assad’s decade of destruction in Syria

Israel Says Destroys Syrian Army Post in Golan

Israel will ask US for $1bn to ‘replenish’ Iron Dome

Defiant Israel Military Says U.S. Should Copy Gaza Strategy, Not Criticize

Israel arrests senior Hamas commander in the West Bank

Libya’s two surviving Mirage F-1s fighter jets fly again

How These Mali Coup Plotters Staged a False Flag Pro-Russia March

The project of a Russian Naval base in Sudan may be canceled

Nigeria rules out paying ransom for hundreds of kidnapped school children

Russia still has a military edge over Ukraine, but Ukraine has plans to make a future war more costly for Moscow

Russia Will Monitor Ukraine-U.S. Military Drills and React if Necessary -Defence Ministry

Russia Announces Arctic Military Drills In Further Sign Of Increasing Presence

US says cyber attack on world's largest meatpacker likely from Russia

Russia Focuses on Arms Sales to ‘Like-Minded’ Generals in Myanmar

Azerbaijan says it forced around 40 Armenian troops to retreat after border incursion

UK: Cammell Laird ‘ready to deliver’ new National Flagship

Japanese Air Force One spotted flying low over Cornwall, England

Chinese fishing armada accused of plundering waters around Argentina

Chinese Fishing Vessels Are Going 'Dark' Off of Argentina's Waters

PLANAF J-15 fighters seen operating from Lingshui Airbase in South China Sea

Mike Pompeo Says 'Every Piece of Evidence' Points to Wuhan Lab Leak

What Happens if the Coronavirus Wuhan Lab Leak Thesis Is True?

Sea trial of Taiwan’s Sea Oryx short-range air defense system

16 Chinese Airlifters Made A Run Over The South China Sea At Malaysian Airspace

Salvage of Indonesian submarine ends as questions over military hardware loom

Philippines: South China Sea Escalation

Australia: Defence looking at alternatives to French submarines in case $90 billion program falters

Cyborg Dynamics Engineering unveils ATGM-equipped Warfighter UGV concept

The congressional UFO report is expected soon. Here's what we know about it and when you can expect it

New Details Emerge On The "Highly Modified Drone" That Outran Police Helicopters Over Tucson

Pentagon shrugs after Michael Flynn apparently calls for military coup

For CIA, protecting defectors is a daunting task

COVID-19 Expands Military Use of AR, VR Glasses

Taking Underwater Communications And Power to New Depths With Light

When Foreign Adversaries Purchase Americans’ Data

U.S. Navy destroyer successfully intercepts ballistic targets

Helicopter UAV Loss Rate

Arizona Lawmakers Voice Opposition To Proposed A-10 Fleet Cuts

Pentagon Shelves Plans for New Air Force Two

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: June 01

Rocket Delivery Of Cargo Anywhere In An Hour In New Air Force Budget Proposal

Rocket Resupply Sounds Cool, But There Are Smarter Ways For The U.S. Military To Spend Its Money

Space Force To Develop Tech For New Types Of Launch

SPMAGTF-CR-CC Marines practice using Drone Buster

Air Force asks for more F-15EX jets in FY22 unfunded wish list, not F-35s

Pentagon Eyes New Bombs for War With China, Not ISIS

Navy Keeps Next-Generation Fighter Research Costs Classified

US Air Force to skip a year of Grey Wolf helicopter procurement in FY22

U.S. Navy Funds New Submarine-Launched Nuclear Cruise Missile Biden Called “A Bad Idea”

Analyst Says Pentagon ‘Walked Away From the 500-ship Navy’

Surveillance planes test Harpoon missiles in NATO exercise

The Navy's Railgun Looks Like It's Finally Facing The Axe In New Budget Request

Report to Congress on Navy SSN(X) Next-Generation Attack Submarine

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