Af/Pak & Other News (2/18/2021)

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Feb 18, 2021, 2:27:49 PM2/18/21
NATO puts holds on Afghanistan decision, expands in Iraq

All About India’s 160 Km Range Astra Mark-II Missile, Which Could Soon Be Tested For The First Time

Gaganyaan manned mission not before 2023: Minister

"COVID Nationalism" Simplifies Much More Complex Picture

India boosting defences along north-eastern border with China

Blame Game Intensifies Over Iranian Accomplice To Assassination Of Top Nuclear Scientist

U.S. and Europe allies stress Iran must not get nuclear weapons, UK says

To save Iraq from economic collapse and fight ISIS, contain Iran’s proxies

Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters strike at Daesh forces in Iraq

U.S. vows consequences for group behind Iraq rocket attack

NATO boosts Iraq mission with thousands of personnel

U.S., Iran Both Lean on Europe As Iraq Attack Sharpens Nuclear Deal Standoff

Iraq: The Fears Factor

Iran’s use of Iraq as a missile base: Threats and logistics - analysis

UAE dismantles Eritrea base as it pulls back after Yemen war

Saudi-led coalition in Yemen moves troops to Marib to repel Houthi assault - sources

Turkish Roketsan increases power of TRG-300 Kaplan missile

Turkish Officials Seek U.S. Compromise Over Russian S-400 Missiles

Killings surge in Syria camp housing Islamic State families

Israel and US begin Arrow-4 development

The Abraham Accords

Why Israel Wants More F-35 Stealth Fighters from America

US approves Rolling Airframe Missiles for Egypt’s fast missile craft

Can Libya move on? New plan to end ten years of fighting

The state of America’s military presence in Africa

Russia Claims Its Su-57 Felon Fighter Has Been Testing A New Hypersonic Missile

Russia Working To Integrate S-70 Okhotnik UCAVs In Su-57 Felon Squadrons

Why are the decks of Russian ships red?

How Soviet Union Published F-14 Tomcat Booklet For Their Fighter Pilots

Take A Rare Look Inside Russia’s Doomsday Ballistic Missile Warning System

Russian Predator Appears

Video: Supercavitating Torpedo – The fastest torpedo ever

Russian fighters make unsafe intercept of French Air Force aircraft over Black Sea

Putin’s Alleged Daughter Joins the Chaos as Russia Goes Wild on Clubhouse

Bulgaria: Freshvale releases Heavy VTOL UAV 150H

Saab Offering 2 Types of Sub to the Dutch: L/D Ratios.

The U.S. Air Force’s Norwegian Bomber Jaunt Has Got The Russians All Worked Up

US sells Extended Range Guided MLRS - Alternative Warhead to Finland

Spain: Largest order for Aeronáutica SDLE anti-drone system

Are electric planes the future of aviation?

How Colombia’s drug cartels almost bought a Soviet submarine

New satellite images show Chinese troops have dismantled camps on disputed India border

China's Coast Guard Can Fire on Foreign Vessels, Complicating Security in South Sea

China: advancement on AG600 large amphibious aircraft

Satellite images suggest China’s new tanker aircraft is under production

China influences social media with nationalistic narratives

The FC-31, China’s ‘Other’ Stealth Fighter

Video: Taiwan’s Teng Yun UAV crashes

Taiwan to produce more indigenous missiles in 2021

Guided-missile destroyer Russell conducts FONOP in South China Sea by Spratly Islands

Australian Army Black Hawk Helicopter Made An Emergency Landing In Park After A Rotor Blade Was Damaged

Philippine Air Force commissions ex-USAF C-130H transport aircraft

U.S. Calls North Korean Hackers ‘World’s Leading Bank Robbers’

T-AGM-25 and RC-135S being readied for possible North Korean missile test next month

HHI begins construction on South Korea’s first KDX-III Batch II Aegis destroyer

Pentagon asked if it has UFO crash materials – here’s their cryptic 154-page response

With Trump in debt, intelligence and security sources fear foreign spies may target him with offers of money

Promotions for Female Generals Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump’s Reaction

Nearly 5,000 National Guard troops to stay in DC over concerns of potential violence in March

Pentagon: One Third of Service Members Offered COVID-19 Vaccines Have Refused

How the Internet Has Turned Into the Modern-Day Battlefield

Newly released documents shed light on 1983 nuclear war scare with Soviets

Requirements For New Air Force Doomsday Planes Seem To Preclude Anything But 747s

Dismantling of USS Bonhomme Richard to begin in April

Machine autonomy makes small unmanned aircraft more dangerous, as military eyes laser weapons defenses

Pentagon Sees AI-Enabled Weapons Attacking on Defense

DARPA Builds AI To Avoid Army, AF Fratricide

Skunk Works Is About to Test a Secret New Aircraft Called 'Speed Racer'

Space Development Agency asks industry to build encrypted optical network to link low-Earth-orbit satellites

Space Lasers Will Revolutionize Military Communications, If They Work

Space Force says new anti-jamming upgrade coming in 2022

Northrop Grumman to build eight gallium nitride-based G/ATOR air-defense radar systems in $236.9 million deal

Special Forces to build ‘influence artillery’ for online campaigns

U.S. Special Forces’ Secret Hand-Launched Jammer Drone

US Air Force tests anti-drone laser weapons

The U.S. Air Force Has Started To Divest the B-1 Bomber Fleet With First BONE Retired At The Boneyard

U.S. Air Force Entertains New Design To Replace F-16

‘Clean Sheet’ F-16 Replacement In The Cards: CSAF Brown

The Air Force Finally Has Its First New AT-6E Wolverine Light Attack Aircraft

Silent Arrow awarded US Air Force contract for cargo delivery UAS

IKE Carrier Strike Group Commands SEALs, Marine Missile Teams in First-of-a-Kind, Large-Scale Drill

With the submarine threat on the rise, the US Navy looks to autonomous water sensor drones

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