Af/Pak & Other News (2/15/2021)

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Feb 15, 2021, 7:08:36 PM2/15/21
NATO will leave Afghanistan when ‘time is right’: Stoltenberg

The Taliban Close In on Afghan Cities, Pushing the Country to the Brink

After 3 days, Afghan-Iran border blaze brought under control

Afghanistan-Pakistan: Hazara Shiites, prime targets of Sunni extremists

Pakistan: Not Our Kind Of Islam

Pakistan-based terror outfit JeM planning terror strike in Delhi; NSA Ajit Doval's security beefed up

Indian Navy gets third Scorpene submarine, to be commissioned as INS Karanj

India to start trials of 160 km strike range Astra missile this year

Iran says U.S. move to seize oil shipment is 'act of piracy'

Fired Armyman ‘Main Element’ Behind Iran Nuclear Scientist Assassination

In a Dangerous Game of Cat and Mouse, Iran Eyes New Targets in Africa

Contractor For U.S.-Led Coalition Dead, U.S. Serviceperson Injured After Rocket Attack In Iraq

Yemen's Houthis say they have struck Saudi's Jeddah, Abha airports with drones

Yemen: Top army commander killed in clashes with rebels

Yemen: Rules Of Disengagement

Turkey to discuss use of its S-400 air defense system

Turkey accuses US of backing PKK after Turks killed in Iraq

Turkey arrests hundreds over alleged Kurdish militant links in Iraq executions

Kurdish opposition swept up in Turkish arrests after Iraq killings

Code Brown As This F-4 Phantom Nearly Collides With A Mosque's Minaret

ISIS campaign holds lessons for near-peer conflict: Rand

IDF launches surprise air exercise, as it reportedly strikes sites in Syria

Reports: Israeli Strike Near Syrian Capital Kills 6 Fighters

Israel decides not to participate in Emirati arms fair

Once again, funds illegally transferred from Turkey to Hamas in Gaza

Hezbollah publication says Israel has become talkative, warns its defeat is coming

Libya’s revolution was derailed by ‘deadly cocktail.’ U.N. now sees glimmers of hope.

Will Peace Ever Come to Libya or Will Outside Powers Ruin Any Deal?

Chad's Deby says deploying soldiers to tackle islamists in Sahel

Reports: Separatist Leader Targeted In Bomb Attack In Eastern Ukraine

Kalashnikov unveils AK-19 assault rifle and PLK compact pistol

Role of Russian FSO expands beyond presidential protection

Russian Cyber Strategy

The Kremlin is interested in taking up Elon Musk's offer to chat with Putin on Clubhouse

Why Russia Is Terrified of SpaceX -- and Starlink

Russia in prisoner swap talks with U.S. over detained American - lawyer

New report traces the history of conspiracy theories claiming COVID-19 is a bioweapon

The Pandemic Is Putting Gangsters in Power

NATO’s new fleet of surveillance drones is deemed mission-ready

Political Concerns of the Walrus Replacement Program

German Tornado fighter jets will fly until 2030

France fights hold of Islamist radicals with dragnets, laws

P-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft conducts flights over western Scotland

Inside the battle between the BBC and China

Brazil conducts extreme cold weather trials for KC/C-390 in Alaska

Xi licenses Chinese coastguard to be ‘wolf warriors’ at sea

Taiwan’s Antelope air defense system

Japan’s ground troops to get transport ships amid concerns over China’s military build-up in Indo-Pacific

Vietnam orders Czech L-39NG Albatros jet trainers from Aero Vodochody

New Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile for South Korea’s KF-X Breaks Cover

Fresh protests in Myanmar after junta cuts off internet, deploys tanks

Smaller protests in Myanmar as junta deploys more troops, armoured vehicles

What’s up with the Royal Australian Navy’s weapons program?

Roswell crash: Pentagon admits 'testing' wreckage from UFO crashes

SolarWinds: How Russian spies hacked the Justice, State, Treasury, Energy and Commerce Departments

Microsoft: SolarWinds attack took more than 1,000 engineers to create

Why the SolarWinds Hack Was All But Inevitable

Former top cybersecurity official on why U.S. intelligence missed Russia's SolarWinds hack

Nancy Pelosi Wants 9/11-Style Inquiry Into Capitol Riot

Illiteracy, Not Morality, Is Holding Back Military Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Nat Geo Provides Unprecedented View of New Air Force VC-25B “Air Force One”.

USAF EMSO strategy due later this year

Eroding America from within: Marketing data threatens military cohesion

6 crazy new DoD programs that sound like science fiction

These cool photos of Davis-Monthan A-10s under a snowstorm give a whole new meaning to “Brrrr-t”!

The drone defense dilemma: How unmanned aircraft are redrawing battle lines

All You Need To Know About Italy’s F-35 Carrier That Just Arrived In the US

The Race for the Weaponization of Space

What is the Boeing Starliner Mission and Will it Succeed this Time?

U.S. Military Awards Contracts Striving To Take Lead In The Hypersonic Arms Race

US Army assesses AI-enabled sensor-to-shooter system

Iron Dome plans being finalized as US Army begins training on systems

Army Moves Closer to Deploying Laser-Armed Combat Vehicles

U.S. Special Operations Command pursuing ‘limited competition’ for MH-6 Little Bird upgrade

After more than $5bn in losses, can KC-46A become profitable?

AF, Navy May Both Fly DARPA Missile Mothership

Report to Congress on Constellation-class Frigate Program (FFG-62)

The Navy Wants To Get Rid Of Its Nearly Brand New Patrol Boats

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