Af/Pak & Other News (3/9/2021)

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Mar 9, 2021, 9:04:52 PM3/9/21
The Biden administration’s leaked Afghanistan peace plan, explained

Russia to host another round of talks on Afghanistan

The Pakistani Taliban is Back

Deadly threats persist: deaths from terrorist activity up 20%, says Janes

What prompted India-Pakistan ceasefire pact along Kashmir border?

As Indian DRDO Aims For Hypersonic Missiles, Expert Predicts Three Complications In The New-Gen Missiles

India’s Fuel Cell based AIP System Crosses Important Milestone

Indian Navy Submarines Move Closer To AIP Game Changer

Iran: Bracing For Another Revolution

Analysis: Iran slips record volume of oil into China, reaches out to Asian clients for trade resumption

Iran Enriching Uranium With 'More Advanced Centrifuges' At Natanz

Top Pentagon strategist says Iran nukes 'probable'

Iran's Hardline Generals Line up to Replace Hassan Rouhani as President

How Mossad turned the IAEA around on Iran with evidence - analysis

Airstrike kills 10 Daesh militants in Nineveh, north of Iraq

Omani Lynx helicopters landed on a U.S. warship for the first time

Biden wants the Yemen war to end. One expert says his actions may be making it worse

Why are the Houthis Stepping Up Attacks Against Saudi Arabia?

Shock and Awe: The air war against the Islamic State

The Women Who Helped Topple the Caliphate

Lebanese commander warns of funding crisis

Israeli Defense Minister Surreptitiously Reveals Hezbollah Locations in Lebanon

Stabilizing Libya remains a ‘strategic priority’ for Italy

Remote C.I.A. Base in the Sahara Steadily Grows

AFRICOM: airstrikes will now require White House approval

Nigerian A-29 Super Tucano in jungle paint scheme debut

Kripri For Kenya

Soviet Russia's forgotten high-speed AIP submarine

Kremlin alarmed by report on planned US cyberattack on Russia

Russia and China agree to build joint lunar space station

Russian Hackers Currently Targeted In Mysterious Cyberwar

B-1B Bomber Makes Arctic Pit Stop For The First Time

France to speed up declassification of secret archives on Algeria War

Nexter introduces new ‘Shard’ anti-tank dart ammunition

French Rafale Performs First Operational Flight With Live Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-To-Air Missiles

France conducts first military drills in space

French nuclear tests infected 'almost entire Polynesian population': report

With Its Mix-And-Match Trainer Design, A U.K. Startup Aims To Create Defense Aviation-As-A-Service

UK’s modular trainer ready to soar, says Aeralis boss

UK FCAS programme poised to enter concept and assessment phase

UK Royal Navy trials radar new bathymetry software

British Armed Forces Poised To Make Big Cuts To F-35 Plans And More

British overseas territories 'should be used to counter China space threat'

Despite disengagement, Chinese PLA enhancing intelligence, surveillance along Indian borders: Report

China Could Have Sixth-generation Fighter Jets Before America: Top USAF Official

US admiral says China fired its carrier killer missiles last summer to send an 'unmistakable message'

Panel: China Copied Silicon Valley’s Model to Outpace the Pentagon in Weapon Development

China's military is keeping a close eye on the US's development of a new, advanced fighter jet

Chinese hackers targeted SolarWinds customers in parallel with Russian op

China Stole the Designs of the F-22 Stealth Fighter (And More)

Report: China's treatment of Uighurs breaches U.N. genocide convention

China Expands Tracking of Online Comments to Include Citizens Overseas

Davidson: China Could Try to Take Control of Taiwan In ‘Next Six Years’

Pyongyang Prepares for Another Parade

French Navy Busts Illegal Oil Transfer during North Korea Embargo Enforcement Mission

Anger after Indonesia offers Elon Musk Papuan island for SpaceX launchpad

Royal Malaysian Navy inaugurates UAS squadron

Philippines has started training 10 officers to operate the SPYDER air defense missile system

Myanmar Protesters Cornered by Military in Attempt to Quash Dissent

'Shoot till they are dead': Some Myanmar police say fled to India after refusing orders

Japan open to deploying soldiers to Senkaku Islands, report says

Pentagon extends National Guard presence at Capitol through May 23

Wait, This Mysterious Heavily-Armored Blue Train Caboose Belongs To The Navy?

USAF E-4B fleet to receive 'game changing' modifications

Nellis Air Force Base begins noisy Red Flag exercises

Whispers from Wargames About the Gray Zone

Indo-Pacom Seeks Billions to Move Forces ‘West of International Dateline’

Robotic Dog “Zeus” Spotted At Recent SpaceX Crash Site

Army Trains AI to Identify Faces in the Dark

Strategic Long-Range Cannon effort on hold ahead of report

US Army National Guard opens new air ground ‘digital range’ in Idaho

The Army’s new ISV is built for speed, not comfort

Are U.S. Special Forces Quietly Using Armed Robots?

SOCOM Shows Interest in Hybrid, AI-Enabled Vehicles

Honeywell Reveals APU-Based Hybrid-Electric Power Plan

Laser Weapons Are Here .. What About Laser Communications Sending Drone Video?

This Air Force rifle can fit in an ejection seat (and you can buy one too…sort of)

US Air Force looks at air-to-air combat technologies for next-generation UAVs

F-35 Under Fire .. Why Thousands of the Stealth Fighter May Fly into 2080s

Navy's Whole T-45 Trainer Fleet to Get New Oxygen Systems After Hypoxia-Like Events

Pentagon Scientists Mull A Big Problem—How To Destroy A Whole Lot Of Chinese Ships And Russian Tanks, And Fast

Navy makes big purchase of multistatic sonobuoys for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) against advanced threats

Debate Over Navy's Zumwalt Destroyer's Seakeeping Abilities Doused After Rough Seas Tests

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