Af/Pak & Other News (3/8/2021)

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Mar 8, 2021, 12:51:58 PM3/8/21
U.S. Mulls Afghan Exit by May, Wants Iran in UN-Led Peace Talks

In One Afghan District, Peace From 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.

How Canadian soldiers set 2 records for longest sniper kill during the first major battle in Afghanistan

Indian Armed Forces Finally Agree To Procure 30 Armed Drones From US For $3 Billion

India said to blame Iran’s Quds Force for blast outside Israeli embassy

Indian DRDO tests Solid-Fueled Ducted Ramjet

Watch Dhruv helicopter carrying two three-star officers make an emergency landing

Indian Navy pilots to train on Anti-submarine helicopters in the US; MH-60R Seahawks to arrive soon

Iran Navy to unveil local hovercraft after Iranian new year

Iranian drone footage shows Israeli ship after explosion damage

#RSAF 🇸🇦 F-15 pilots scored (10) A/A kills against the #Iranian made IED-drones launched by their Houthi proxy in Yemen. Here’s a video showing (3) of them - (2) Sammad type & (1) Qasif - shot down

On the ground in Yemen: ‘A place of wonder overshadowed by conflict’

Syrian president, wife test positive for coronavirus

US Army deploys Patriot and AN/TWQ-1 Avenger air defense missile system in Eastern Syria

Israeli F-15s Were Armed With Old Missiles During B-52 Escort

Camero-Tech releases new ISR imaging platform, eyes US markets

Libya: Peace In Our Time

New renders reveal Ukraine’s secret tank project

Remdizel develops new variants of Taifun-K MRAP vehicles

Rheinmetall unveils Skyranger 30 air-defence system

France and Germany Are Arguing Over Their Shared Sixth-Gen Fighter Jet

UK to design new missile boats specifically for Ukrainian Navy

All branches of armed forces ‘below target strength’

Slip-up reveals secret MI5 involvement in drone research

UK may reduce its F-35B order

Royal Navy to get ‘new frigates and surveillance vessels’

Superior Mirage Appearances Explain “Phantom Ships” Seen for Centuries

China outlines technology priorities for ‘new era'

Chinese PLA advanced field air defense missile HQ-17AE cleared for export

Taiwan Aims To Sink Half Of A Chinese Invasion Fleet—It Could Take Years To Buy Enough Missiles

EU preparing sanctions on Myanmar military businesses, documents show

Philippine Coast Guard eyes two more French vessels for maritime patrols

Good Enough Against North Korea

See the Video: South Korea Wants Helicopter-Launched Killer Drones

Biden Endorses Female Generals Whose Promotions Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump's Reaction

U.S. reportedly prepares action against Russia after major cyberattack

Hawaii missile defense radar is still in limbo

Frontline Geek Squads: SOCOM’s Secret Weapon

US Army seeks spectrum analysis capability, eyes EWPMT integration

Two Light Tank Prototypes Battle for the Future of Army Firepower

The U.S. Army Wants New 'Cannons' to Fight Russia or China

USAF seeks Next Gen Multirole UAS capabilities

The Pentagon Wants To Arm Drones With Non-Lethal Lasers And Microwave Cannon

GAO recommends US Navy cap CH-53K production at six aircraft per year until end of testing

Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Cancel Sea-Launched Nuclear Cruise Missile, Low-Yield Warhead

U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon Flying Mission In Persian Gulf Region Armed With AGM-84D Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles

Navy Fleshing Out Requirements for Next-Gen Logistics Ship

Analysis: SeaRAM/RAM vs. Phalanx/Goalkeeper

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