Af/Pak & Other News (5/10/2021)

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May 10, 2021, 1:52:45 PM5/10/21
Afghanistan Violence: Will the Ceasefire Work?

Death toll rises to 85 in Afghanistan girls' school bomb attack

‘They will slaughter us’: Afghans who worked with US beg for visas as troop withdrawal looms

If Taliban storms back to power, Afghans "ready to fight"

US trashes unwanted gear in Afghanistan to be sold as scrap

US deploying B-52s, F/A-18s to protect troops withdrawing from Afghanistan amid high levels of violence

Shades of South Vietnam in US Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Pakistan fears Afghan pullback by US will stall Belt and Road

Will China Replace the U.S. in Afghanistan?

Iraq’s F-16s Grounded After U.S. Contractor Pulls Maintenance Crews

Will Iraq Buy South Korea’s KF-21 Fighter Jet?

HALCON from UAE has developed the HAS-250 first local-made anti-ship cruise missile

ADASI from UAE unveils RW-24 Smart Loitering Precision Attack munitions

ADASI from UAE has developed RASH 2M to convert mortar ammunition to precision-guided munition

Saudi-led coalition says intercepts armed drone fired at Abha airport

Saudi Arabia drugs haul exposes Syria and Lebanon’s booming illicit trade

Yemen: Dueling Delusions

Turkish Armored Vehicles Get Flying Sniper Drone Wingmen

Behold The Turkish Navy’s Drone Aircraft Carrier

Report: Israeli helicopter strike on Syria wounds 1 person

Russia to build floating dock off Syrian coast

French admiral: Air power helps root out ‘underground’ IS

IDF sends reinforcements to Gaza border as Hamas issues ultimatum on Jerusalem

Rocket barrages hit Israel from Gaza, sirens sound in Jerusalem

Palestinians and Israeli police clash at al-Aqsa mosque, over 300 hurt

Several indicted in submarine affair; ex-navy chief, Netanyahu’s cousin off hook

Nuclear Fission Reactions Are Happening at Chernobyl Again

Russian Caspian Sea Monster Warplane Found Washed Up On The Beach

Possible New Information On Russia's Mysterious 'Cephalopod' Armed AUV

The northern bear: How is the Kremlin getting along with its neighbors?

Russia allowing hackers to operate with 'impunity' on its territory: Former CIA station chief

Missing Siberian doctor who treated Kremlin critic Navalny reappears after 3 days -agencies

Germany Set To Replace Its P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft With The P-8A Poseidon

French government blasts fresh warning of civil war by serving military personnel as far-Right stunt

Why did France and the U.K. dispatch their navies to fight over fish?

Royal Marines test jet suits for boarding exercise

British Rangers Return

China-India border tension: PLA’s modified rocket launchers filmed on plateau facing India

Why China ‘Running Over’ Taiwan Will Have Serious Implications For Both India & Japan?

Can Taiwan's Silicon Shield Protect It against China's Aggression?

Questions arise over Indonesian military’s maintenance programmes after submarine sinking

KRI Nanggala Sunk: Human Error; Old Sub; Internal Wave?

Upgrading South Korean THAAD

10 Military Encounters with Monsters That Make you Wonder “What the Hell?”

Pentagon wants cheap, ground-launched and handheld counter-drone capability

The first flight unit comprised of Space Force Guardians has completed basic training

Army Plans To Grow Artillery

Super Hornet conducts captive carry test with AARGM-ER

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