Af/Pak & Other News (2/10/2021)

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Feb 10, 2021, 2:06:34 PM2/10/21
Afghan Officials: Taliban Intensified Violence Amid Stalled Peace Talks

Taliban calls for ‘the declaration’ of the ‘Islamic Emirate’

What Are Biden’s Options For Pulling Troops From Afghanistan?

Targeted assassinations against civil society create a climate of fear in Afghanistan

Pakistani forces allegedly used gunships on civilian population in Balochistan; kids, women abducted

India and China start pulling back tanks from southern bank of Pangong Lake

Did Iran Carry Out a ‘Surgical Strike’ Inside Pakistan?

Iran’s IRGC receives 340 new boats, some with drones

Iraq: Dealing With Anonymous Attacks

US Should Have Used Fighter Jets, Bombers for More Strategic Strikes Against ISIS: Report

USS Makin Island, USS Port Royal, USNS Carl Brashear enter Arabian Gulf

USS Makin Island, Marine F-35s Now in Persian Gulf

Plane Ablaze in Houthi Drone Attack on Saudi Airport

Biden Envoy in Saudi Arabia to Push for Quick End to Yemen War

Mystery metal monolith turns out to be Turkish govt gimmick

Turkey unveils space program including 2023 moon mission

How The Future Of Turkey’s Air Force Could Resemble Iran’s Experience

U.S. Navy and Turkish Navy conduct joint exercises in the Black Sea

UN Security Council fails to agree on joint Syria declaration

Large-scale missile attack on a Turkish oil convoy in Syria

Will Assad’s Syria Rebuild Its Chemical Weapons Empire?

IAI Unveils WASP Wide-Area Aerial Surveillance System

Djibouti Lures Foreign Powers With Strategic Position

Nigerian Air Force Yabhon Flash-20 UAV breaks cover

Twenty U.N. peacekeepers injured in central Mali attack

Growing Desperation Over Al Shabaab Threat in Kenya’s North

Ukraine to modernize its T-64 main battle tanks into T-64BM

Russia Bolsters Its Arctic Defenses With MiG-31 Interceptor Rotation In The Far North

Russia's Proposed Aircraft Carrier to Have Ski Jump, Electromagnetic Catapult Launch

Russian Air Force An-12 Aircraft Sustained Landing Gear Collapse While landing In A Snowstorm

Russian Fifth-Generation Su-57 Fighter Receives Highly Automated Cockpit

Russian Tu-160 Bombers Fly Over Barents And Norwegian Seas As U.S. B-1Bs Prepare For Norwegian Deployment

Vladimir Putin's Crackdown on Russia Protests Is Working, Poll Suggests

In new tactic, Navalny supporters to rally in courtyards

Serbian president plans to invest more in armed forces

British Navy HMS Lancaster frigate has extra firepower with new 12.7mm machine guns

Drunk, alone & lost: Chinese soldiers crossing over to Indian side suggests medical issues, lack of training

China, Russia Exploited COVID-19 to Advance Objectives across Middle East: U.S. General

Chinese spacecraft enters Mars orbit, two days after UAE's 'Hope' probe

China's 'American' Submarine (That You Have Not Heard Of)

China’s JF-17, FC-31 Jet Engine Production Line Ready

South China Sea: US and allies apply pressure on Beijing but ‘they’re unlikely to go all out’

Will Taiwan Be the Next Cuba?

Life 'not easy' for foreign diplomats in North Korea, Russian envoy says

U.N. experts point finger at North Korea for $281 million cyber theft, KuCoin likely victim

North Korea Doubles Down on Military, Dipomatic Goals as U.S. Weighs 'New Approach'

Philippines approves purchase of more Black Hawk helos

Veteran Submariners Explain What Might Have Caused Japanese Submarine Collision

Japanese submarine collides with commercial vessel, forcing crew to use cell phone to call for help

KHI to develop EW aircraft for JGSDF with stand-off jamming capability

China poses serious strategic threat to Canada, says Canadian spy agency head

New hate symbols on U.S. warships including noose spark Navy condemnation

Army Special Operations School Drops 'III' Logo Adopted by Extremist Group

Federal AI Spending to Top $6 Billion$6-billion

A Trident Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Test Has Occurred Over The Atlantic

Report on U.S.-China Competition in East, South China Sea

Plastic Fantastic Favorite

US Army begins ‘light tank' soldier assessment without BAE Systems' prototype

Will U.S. Army Missile Buys Mean Fewer U.S. Air Force Bombers?

Army Taking Serious Look at Composite Cartridges

U.S. Army prepares to test-fire new precision strike missile

US Army-developed drone uses machine learning to sniff out explosive hazards

Skydio poised to supply first tranche of short-range recon drones to US Army

US Army begins equipping first unit with hypersonic capability

Here Are All The Details We Noticed In The Photos Of The New F-15EX During Its First Flight

Cruise Missiles Rise To Top Of U.S. Weapons Agenda

DARPA’s ‘Manta Ray’ Underwater Drone Could Be a Game Changer

“Siri, Find Me A Russian Submarine,” U.S. Navy Asks

The Navy and its allies have ships that 'do quite well' against Russia's newest subs, top US admiral in Europe says

They’re Back: US Subs To Carry Harpoon Ship-Killer Missiles

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