Af/Pak & Other News (7/2/2021)

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Jul 2, 2021, 12:47:32 PM7/2/21
U.S. Leaves Its Last Afghan Base, Effectively Ending Operations

Looters Moved Into Afghanistan's Bagram Airfield Hours After U.S. Troops Left

Taliban Reacts to Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base Exit by U.S. Troops

EXPLAINER: When is the US war in Afghanistan really over?

As the Taliban gain ground, how long can the U.S. Embassy in Kabul stand?

As Afghan Forces Crumble, an Air of Unreality Grips the Capital

ISIS in Afghanistan Remains a ‘Serious Threat,’ Special Envoy Warns

As troops leave, US to keep airstrike option in Afghanistan

No decision yet in Turkey’s negotiations for Kabul Airport

Pakistan quadcopter spotted entering India, flies back after BSF fires at it

U.S., Japan and Sri Lanka Wrap Up CARAT Sri Lanka Exercise

Iran said to restrict UN inspectors’ access to Natanz nuclear site after attack

Saudi-led coalition says it intercepted Houthi drone from Yemen

German submarines are giving Turkey an edge over Greece

U.S. adds Turkey to list of countries implicated in use of child soldiers

Iran digs deep in hollowed-out Syria

Lebanese judge goes after top officials over port blast

US military shifts Army basing from Qatar to Jordan, analysts say move could provide leverage against Iran

Israel bombs Hamas weapons factory in Gaza in response to arson balloons

Hamas defends its military summer camps for children and teenagers

Libyan coastguards ‘fired on and tried to ram migrant boat’ – NGO

Analysis: Ethiopia govt withdrawal from Tigray capital opens new chapter in war

Mozambique Mi-8 transport helicopter lost during fighting

Russia Bolsters Presence in Central African Republic With 600 More Military Instructors

AFRICOM: U.S. Forces ‘Commuting to Work’ to Curb Rising Terror Threat in Somalia After Pullout

Ukraine Deploys Turkish Bayraktar Drone in NATO's Sea Breeze Exercise

U.S. Marine Corps deploys its tank destroyers to Ukraine

Russia Won't Risk 'Suicidal' NATO War in Black Sea—Ukraine Foreign Minister

After Biden Meets Putin, U.S. Exposes Details of Russian Hacking Campaign

Yasen-M class SSGN ‘Novosibirsk’ Begins Its Sea Trials

Why US commanders are so worried about keeping track of Russia's newest subs

Angry Russia shadows Italian Navy frigate in Black Sea

US allies want to spend more time practicing to hunt Russian and Chinese subs, top Navy admiral says

Top Serbian security officials convicted at Hague for Bosnia war crimes

Italian Navy aircraft carrier to get first F-35B ‘within a few days’

Belgian F-16 Damaged in Ground Incident At Leeuwarden AB. Pilot Successfully Ejected.

London helicopter ambulance reports near collision with drone

Britain to spend $4.8M developing inter-missile communication system

Royal Navy evaluating designs for new Type 83 Destroyer

Is China Reviving America’s Cold War-Era "Shell Game" ICBM Deployment Strategy?

China, India Move Tens of Thousands of Troops to the Border in Largest Buildup in Decades

China’s Ambitious Space Programs Raise Red Flags

New Chinese conventional submarine fitted with towed array sonar

China Is Expanding Its Mysterious, Area-51 Style Airfield

Chinese state magazine outlines Taiwan attack scenario on Party centenary

Watch record-breaking 5,200 drones celebrate 100 years of China’s Communist Party

Chinese regime used U.S. to strengthen neo-totalitarianism, former Communist Party insider says

North Korea: The Price Of Free Has Gone Up

Korean Air getting four more Falcon 2000S jets for conversion into Baekdu ISR aircraft

It’s Getting More Likely The Japanese Would Fight For Taiwan

Japan to hold first joint air force exercises with Philippines in sign of closer defense ties

Chilean Navy Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine Appears In San Diego

Fighter Radars Poised For Gallium Nitride Breakthrough

Decades after hellish ‘Black Hawk Down’ battle, 60 special operators will have their awards upgraded

Investigation: Pilot’s Reliance on ‘Seat of the Pants Feel’ Caused February T-38 Crash

Virgin Galactic plans to send Richard Branson to space on July 11th

The Space Development Agency now has demo satellites on orbit. Here’s what they’ll do.

HawkEye 360 expands satellite-based RF data collection

Space Force Plans To Place New Early Warning Satellites Into Non-Traditional Orbits Closer To Earth

Special Operations: Inventing A New Future

First Marine Corps F-35C squadron reaches full operational capability

Raytheon gets $2 bln U.S. Air Force contract for nuclear cruise missile

USAF launches new ‘spectrum warfare' unit

Report to Congress on Navy Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense

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