Af/Pak & Other News (1/4/2021)

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Jan 4, 2021, 2:04:33 PM1/4/21
US military blames Taliban for spate of Afghan assassinations

Afghan Air Force kills 15 Al Qaeda operatives in Helmand

Afghan rivals to resume talks as civilian killings sow suspicion

Dushanbe Reinforces Border After Tajik Militants Appear In Video Fighting In Afghanistan

10 Chinese spies caught in Kabul get a quiet pardon, fly home in chartered aircraft

China Accused of Offering Bounties to Afghan ‘Nonstate Actors’ to Kill US Troops

Pakistan launches production of its JF-17 Block III fighter aircraft for Pakistani Air Force

Indian navy ships to be fitted with Laser Dazzler to stop suspicious threats

Iran starts 20% uranium enrichment, seizes S. Korean-flagged tanker

IRGC Seen Practicing Swarm Tactics Day Before South Korean Tanker Seizure

South Korea Sends Its Forces Into The Strait Of Hormuz After Iran Seizes Tanker

Explainer-How close is Iran to producing a nuclear bomb?

Iran's latest Mowj Class warship: IRIS Dena

Iranian army to hold large-scale drone drill

Iran's Fateh-class Submarine Threat: See "Sub Brief"

USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group Ordered Back To Middle East Due To Iran Threat

Iraq, Struggling to Pay Debts and Salaries, Plunges Into Economic Crisis

Chanting anti-US slogans, Iraqi militia supporters mark year since Soleimani's killing

Limpet Mine Attack on Tanker, Pola, Dec 31, 2020

Dubai-made magnetic counter-drone system to launch soon

UAE signs $1bn GlobalEye fleet expansion deal

26 Killed In Barrage At Yemeni Airport Just As Newly-Minted Officials Were Deplaning

US approves the sale of GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb to Saudi Arabia

In a First, Turkey's Drones Suppressed & Destroyed Syria's Russian Air Defenses: Tukish Expert

At least nine Syrian soldiers killed in militant bus attack in Badia

Memorial for Qassem Soleimani Erected in Lebanon Depicts The Moment His SUV Was Hit By A Drone Missile

Israel's defence minister favours buying one more F-35 squadron for now

Israel continues its campaign of targeting Iranian-affiliated sites in Syria

Israel’s Rafael Unveils AI-Driven Drone System for Indoor Fighting

Egypt welcomes its first Italian-built FREMM frigate Al-Galala

Egypt cleared to buy 20 AN/AAQ-33 Sniper ATPs

Algeria: The Old Guard Says No

Libya: Turkish underwater warfare training for GNA frogmen

100 people killed in attacks on Niger villages, says prime minister

Niger declares national mourning, security boost after attacks

Rebels capture Central African diamond-mining city of Bangassou

Wagner-wagon spotted in troubled Central African Republic

Nigeria: Elderly MiGs Rejected By Everyone

U.S. airstrikes in Somalia kill three al-Shabab extremists

Sudan: Sounds Of Silence In The Sudans

Ukraine discloses further details of AN-178-100R medium transport aircraft

Ukrainian Army to get new 14.5mm Xado Snipex T-Rex anti-materiel sniper rifle

How Russian Media Tries to Undermine Ukraine

Russia planning to flight test new missile with range of 6,200 miles

Russia’s first Gremyashchy-class corvette enters service after year-long trials

Russian Navy plans to lay down two Project 955A Borei-A class submarines in 2021

Russian bloggers sneaks into fighter jet plant in Moscow

U.S. officials are reportedly privately worried Russia stole blueprints for U.S. blackout restoration

Saving The Sevmorput

Russia expects first maiden flight of its new MiG-41 PAK DP long-range bomber aircraft by 2023

'A Postimperial Transformation': With Its Neighborhood In Turmoil, Russia Reassesses The Costs Of Hegemony

Russia’s Romance With China Is All About Keeping Up Appearances

Russia now probing case of helicopter downed by Azerbaijan as murder -Interfax

Big video game developer fund terror through online adverts

Swiss Air Force F/A-18s Finally Started Providing Round-the-Clock Swiss Airspace Protection Last Week

Saab receives new contract for two GlobalEye airborne surveillance systems

US Deploys MQ-9 Reaper Drones in Romania

Italy inducts first M-345 trainers

Escribano designs UAV swarm system for surveillance and reconnaissance

French military surveillance satellite launched by Soyuz rocket

British military drone hits the ground mid training flight

UK judge refuses US extradition of WikiLeaks founder Assange

Julian Assange Gets Asylum Offer From Mexico’s President

India-China standoff: China deploys tanks along LAC opposite Indian posts

Former head of China’s aircraft carrier programme expelled from Communist Party over corruption claims

China’s Z-20 Black Hawk Clone Is Now Packing Air-To-Ground Missiles

South China Sea: why did the PLA land its massive Y-20 warplane on Fiery Cross Reef?

China's DF-17 hypersonic missile seen to get stealth upgrade, reports show

Chinese PHL03A long range rocket system destroys ship target

Chinese Sea Wing (Haiyi) ocean glider

China’s military takes charge of war powers with new defence law

By air and sea: China’s two-pronged strategy to grind Japan down over disputed islands

Chinese GX-8 EW aircraft operates off Pingtung, Taiwan to monitor island’s TK-3 tests

Report on Taiwan Political and Security Issues

Taiwan develops new wheeled tank-killing vehicle

Japan: Aegis Shore Alternative

Discovered: forgotten Japanese midget submarine base built for WW2 suicide missions

Rand questions JASDF capabilities in East China Sea conflict

Phantom Fades Slowly

Delivery of missile weapon systems for new Philippine Navy frigates to start in 2021

Indonesia: Origin of submarine drone still a mystery; Navy to examine underwater glider, data to identify owner within 1 month, says official

Navy Collins class subs to get sonar capability upgrades

Australia to obtain two additional P-8A Poseidons

North Korea: The Russian Gambit

North Korea is showing off more than just massive missiles, but its new military hardware may be less than meets the eye

South Korea: Scrutinizing Chinese Electronics

South Korea’s light aircraft carrier program officially begins

South Korea Navy deploys new underwater robot Mine Disposal Vehicle MDV

South Korean Super Subs

Police, FAA Notified After Sightings of Unidentified Aerial Object Over Hawaii

LA County Supervisor Requests USNS Mercy Return To Los Angeles After COVID-19 Surge

Droid Moves Like A Dog

Travis Air Force Base Is First to Get Drone Sentry for Protection

Raise the Black Flag: Nellis launches new Air Force operational test event

Army Seeks Robots to Transport Wounded Troops

The U.S. Army Is Qualifying New Units To Fly The UH-60 With The Controversial M-139 Volcano Mine Delivery System

Pain And Frustration

Israel delivers new batch of Iron Dome defense system to U.S. Army

Up Close And Personal With The Mi-24D “Hind” Gunship Helicopter Used As Threat Simulation Aircraft For U.S. Forces

Army shares details on new electronic warfare units

It’s time to get homeland missile defense right

US Marine Corps begins widespread fielding of sound suppressors

The Marines are planning historic F-35 operations with the UK, and Air Force is paying close attention

The Air Force Has Big Plans for Its Flying Car in 2021

B-1s Can Make it to Finish Line, But Big Repairs Will Be Common Along the Way

It’s Official: Pentagon Puts F-35 Full-Rate Production Decision On Hold

Choose Corruption Or Valor

Report to Congress on Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter

Massive Surge: Navy Plans Increase in Attack Submarines from 54 to 72 by 2045


Jan 5, 2021, 2:42:34 AM1/5/21
On Mon, 4 Jan 2021 11:04:31 -0800 (PST), wrote:

> Explainer-How close is Iran to producing a nuclear bomb?

You do not need 90%

In theory anything over 20% can make a bomb, Little Boy was 80% enriched

Dean Markley

Jan 5, 2021, 8:13:18 AM1/5/21
That is true but as enrichment increases, yield can too. The Iranians are not going to be satisfied with a warhead that gives 1-5 KT. Not when they know very well that the Israeli ones that will be fired back are over 100X that yield.
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