Have Dash Missile?

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Sep 6, 1998, 3:00:00 AM9/6/98
I've heard very little info about the Have Dash air to air missile that is
supposedly being developed. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about
this, or knows of any good websites about this?


Kurt Plummer

Sep 6, 1998, 3:00:00 AM9/6/98

Hey JK

As far as I know, the program is now defunct but was originally a two
step concept exploration to investigate the capability of high velocity
weapons to use body lift and 'bank to turn' to help decrease the
associated drag of winged AAM's while perhaps also providing a
carriage/RCS improvement due to 'flat lay' conformalcy and again,
absence of projecting surfaces/hingelines etc.

The original shape was something like-

\ /
/``\ /`|
/____\ .-```*````````````````````````````````--|
.` `. ``---*\\\_______________________________|


The radome and a short area behind it was in the form of standard
ogive/body cylinder with a facetted blending into the 'A Frame'
triangular shape.

The \\\ area represents an upturned shock ramp 'chin' area designed with
the (later) intent of adding an HFDR for extended range trajectory kine

In point of fact the program only ever ran with surplus AIM-7E solid
motors and though tests revealed a capacity for 50-60G (i.e. SRAAM
level) in an MRM body mass, again I don't think the ARH/IR seeker combo
was ever installed for true, guided, eval of potential BTS capabilities
versus an evading target.

I /think/ it was an LMTAS program but I'm not sure one artists rendering
was made showing an HDII being fired from an F-15 but it's not among
their gallery images...

Kurt Plummer

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