Af/Pak & Other News (11/17/2011)

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Nov 17, 2011, 1:49:08 PM11/17/11
Suspected U.S. missiles kill 8 in northwest Pakistan:

This Could Get Ugly:

U.S. Kills 70 Taliban, Loses No One In Huge Outpost Battle:

Insurgents fire rockets but miss Afghan loya jirga:

Jehadis want an India-Pakistan nuke war: Dilip Hiro:

Economic Recession And Helicopters In Afghanistan:


Other news:

Syria rebels hit ruling party after raid on intelligence:

Russia warns Syria is close to 'real civil war':

Libyan officers fail to name new military chief:

Regional leaders seek to step up war on Somalia rebels:

Iran munitions blast death toll 'rises to 36':

Israeli Gadget Masters Threaten Iran:

If Israel Bombs Iran, It’ll Jam, Spoof and Hack First:

Russia, West agree on UN response to Iran nuclear defiance:

Canada, Israel to Bolster Military Cooperation:

India’s Long Range Surface to Air Missile to be tested in Israel next

India Launches New Generation Strategic Missile AGNI 4:

Iran trains Gazans to operate anti-tank missiles:

Taiwan 'planning anti-piracy mission off Somalia':

Discover the IDF’s Future Field Intelligence Vehicle:

Greece Seized North Korea Chemical Weapons Suits:

N.Korea Test-Fires Air-to-Ship Missiles in West Sea:

China supplying small arms to Zimbabwe:

The UAE speaks -- and slaps Dassault:

Royal Navy Faces Shortage of Attack Submarines:

Russian military chief warns of nuclear war risks:

Army Successfully Tests Hypersonic Weapon Design:

Photos: New Chinese MPA:

South Korean coastguard clashes with armada of Chinese fishing boats:

MEADS Demonstrates Advanced Plug-And-Fight Capabilities in Integration

EFV Replacement Is Top USMC Ground Priority:

Report: Cost spike for Navy’s next DDGs:

Protesters storm Kuwait assembly, demand PM quit:

Raytheon SDB II Warhead Exceeds Test Requirements:

UK Requests Electromagnetic Catapult for New Carrier:

Lockheed's JTRS Clears Flight Tests, Sets Stage For Key Army Review:

US Satellites Compromised by Malicious Cyber Activity:

Hungary isotope lab likely radioactive source: IAEA:

Woman pleads guilty in US on Pakistan reactor scam:

Marines Won't Follow Army's Lead on new Carbine:

Mexican Navy Takes First 'Airbus' CN235 MPA:

14 tons of pot seized from Calif. drug tunnel:


Nov 18, 2011, 4:07:36 AM11/18/11
On Thu, 17 Nov 2011 10:49:08 -0800 (PST), wrote:

> 14 tons of pot seized from Calif. drug tunnel:


10 short ton = 320,000 ounces
Assuming a street value of $230/oz

That is $73m retail

It would be fascinating to have some details on how these tunnels are
organized and built.

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