Af/Pak & Other News (10/4/2021)

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Oct 4, 2021, 1:50:28 PM10/4/21
Satellite Imagery Contradicts Reports Of Foreign Aircraft At Bagram Air Base In Afghanistan

Taliban Said To Have Rearmed Tajik Militants And Moved Uyghur Fighters From Chinese Border

Kabul faces blackouts because the Taliban stopped paying foreign companies that generate most of Afghanistan's electricity

Taliban Say Islamic State Cell Destroyed After Mosque Attack

Taliban-style security welcomed by some, feared by others

What’s Keeping Afghanistan’s Mineral Wealth Underground?

Across Kabul, evidence of Afghanistan’s fast-unraveling economy under the Taliban is everywhere

Indian DRDO performs successful maiden flight test of Akash Prime missile

Azerbaijan denies Iran’s claim it is hosting Israeli military troops

In Iraq, big neighbour Iran faces growing backlash

Beyond S-400, Turkey Seeks Russian Fighter Jet, Submarines

‘Drone Alliance’ Between Turkey and Ukraine Moves Ahead

Gaza drone crosses into Israeli territory - report

Plan to assassinate Israeli businesspeople in Cyprus thwarted

Libya's warring sides, including Russian mercenaries, may be guilty of crimes - UN

Embedded with Rwandan troops fighting jihadists in Mozambique

Russia’s Armed Forces Enhance UAV Strike Capability

Video: Russian Submarine Launches First Tsirkon Hypersonic Missile

Russia to Deploy Laser Weapons in Space by 2025

Russian state news outlets covered the Pandora Papers, but made no mention of the involvement of Putin's inner circle

Russia film crew set to blast off to make 1st movie in space

NATO’s Big Concern from Russia’s Zapad Exercise: Putin’s Forces Lingering in Belarus

Sweden maps out Gripen E entry into service

Thoughts and Observations from Defence 24: Shaping a Way Ahead for Polish Defense

The UK is getting two new anti-drone lasers

Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerful

World leaders try to limit fallout from Pandora Papers revelations

CASIC showcases production-ready WJ-700 Falcon UAV and Unmanned Combat System concept

Hicks: Chinese Military Expansion Poses Threats to Guam, Hawaii

Tengden debuts three-engine Twin Tailed Scorpion A armed reconnaissance UAV

J-16 is China’s go-to fighter in Taiwan aerial incursions

China flies record 56 warplanes toward self-ruled Taiwan

Coming War With China? Taiwan Seeks Australia's Help

Koreas talk on hotline restored after North’s missile tests

Six Dead as Thai Military Battles Rebels in Restive South

U.S., U.K. Aircraft Carriers Drill with Japanese Big Deck Warship in the Western Pacific

House Intelligence Committee Approves Bill to Mandate Intelligence Sharing in “Pursuit of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena”

Havana Syndrome continues to baffle U.S. officials

U.S. Navy Hit by Another International Bribery Scandal

The Chicken War Revived

Satellite Images Show Massive Armada Of Idle Cargo Ships Waiting To Dock In Long Beach

DARPA asks industry to develop G-band RF and microwave enabling technologies for communications and sensing

Blue Origin confirms Star Trek's William Shatner will fly to space

The U.S. Army Could Soon Have A New Light Tank

U.S. Marine Corps Order SMASH 2000 Fire Control Systems

B-52 Gets New Engines And Much More

AOEW programme transitions to low-rate initial production

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