Af/Pak & Other News (7/1/2021)

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Jul 1, 2021, 1:34:45 PM7/1/21
One Month, 700 Trucks: Afghanistan’s U.S. Military Vehicles Fall Into Taliban Hands

Western forces pack up to end their war, Afghans "manage the consequences"

Afghan civilians take up arms against Taliban as foreign troops depart

McConnell has warned of ‘likely catastrophe’ over US troop pullout in Afghanistan. Will he be proved right?

Iran restricts IAEA access to main enrichment plant after attack -diplomats

Iranian Navy conducts exercise in the Caspian Sea

Iran Finds A Way

Iraq Voices Anger Over Strikes to U.S. Allies, Says Don't Use Nation to Attack Syria, Iran

Iraq hedges its bets, cozies up to Iran as US pullout looms

Russia says 'non-starter' to allow Syria aid through Iraq

Cadets of Syrian Military Pilots Academy, Re-opened in 2018, Prepare for Graduation

Gunmen take to streets in Lebanese city over economic crisis

Lebanon’s struggling army offers tourists helicopter rides to boost revenue

Egyptian Air Force MiG-29 deliveries completed, Su-35 deliveries begins

Bridge key to delivering aid to Ethiopia’s Tigray destroyed

Ethiopia Tigray conflict: Rebels build on capture of capital

Nigeria: NAF confirms use of indigenous rockets in counterterror fight

Ukraine says Russian gas supply curbs to Europe are ‘blackmail’

Putin hints at new Ukraine escalation

Harassing Ships And Spoofing Radios, Russia Is Telling A Story—That Occupied Crimea Is Russian

Russian navy conducts live fire exercise in Black Sea as Ukraine, NATO drill

Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier Is In Bad Shape, Won’t Sail Anywhere Until Late 2023

Russia Says Foiled IS Attacks in Moscow, South

Russia successfully test-launches latest ICBM — source

Russian Military Hackers Are Pummeling Top Targets in U.S and Europe

NSA discloses hacking methods it says are used by Russia

Russia Offers to Supply S-400 Air Defense System to Belarus

Russia races Tom Cruise and Musk for first movie in space

Switzerland Chooses F-35 As Its Next Fighter Jet

Airbus flies armed C295 gunship for persistent CAS

Airbus has developed a wide range of helicopters tailored for Special Forces

Belgian F-16 hits a wall, burns down; pilot injured

“Impacts of Noise” Result In Suspension Of Ajax Vehicle Trials

UK has no plans for investigation into UFOs after Pentagon report

China Announces Plans to Build Base on Mars

China Publicly Debuts Z-8L Heavy-Lift Helicopter

China’s J-35 Carrier Fighter Appears; Step To ‘Most Powerful Navy’?

China’s J-20 ‘Mighty Dragons’ take starring role in aerial display for Communist Party centenary celebrations

Ex-diplomat says Xi Jinping has 'pushed the envelope' but Chinese Communist Party still 'insecure'

China building more than 100 missile silos, expanding nuclear capabilities

Taiwan to commission first improved Tuo Chiang-class corvette in August

North Korea Loves Causing Trouble on the Fourth of July. Is a Missile Test Coming Sunday?

Korean Air to bid for second Baekdu ISR project

Japanese official warns US of potential surprise attack on Hawaii — from Russia and China

Australia: Astronomer says declassified UFO reports will open way for scientific discovery

Canberra returns to the sky

Philippines: Another Attitude Adjustment

Coast Guard on Guam Now at Full Strength

Pentagon report isn’t the end of the search for UFOs. Scientists say the right technology could lead to more answers.

Did a Billionaire Just Rent the South Dakota National Guard? It Sure Looks Like It

Rioters broke into the US Capitol by at least 8 separate points, more than previously known, NYT investigation finds

Donald Rumsfeld, youngest and oldest US defense secretary, dies at 88

Virgin Orbit plane launches four US military satellites into space

Exoskeletons and unjammable radios: Soldiers, academia team up to solve tactical troubles

Meet The MC-145B Wily Coyote Armed Special Ops Transport Plane

Special Operators sound off about SOCOM’s Armed Overwatch Program

Army to set in stone the importance of information advantage, with new capabilities on deck

Marines shut off power, run base with renewable energy

B-52 Engine Replacement Could Keep Bomber Flying Through Its 100th Birthday

Skyborg AI Computer "Brain" Successfully Flew A General Atomics Avenger Drone

Air Force to move rescue, support training to Arizona, retire older A-10s

Naval Special Warfare in a ‘Race for Relevancy’ as Mission Shifts to High-end Conflict

Navy ditches futuristic railgun, eyes hypersonic missiles

The US and British navies' newest submarines are equipped with totally different kinds of periscopes

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