Af/Pak & Other News (1/24/2021)

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Jan 24, 2021, 8:29:32 PM1/24/21
Wave of killings targets Afghan female judges, journalists, intellectuals

Afghan Official: 600 Freed Taliban Prisoners Rearrested

Force Taliban to reduce violence and agree to truce, Afghanistan tells Pakistan

Taliban relaxes rules on music as insurgents rule rural Helmand almost unopposed

Terror groups in Pakistan switch to new messaging applications

Iran said to lay out 7 preconditions to US for renewal of nuclear deal

Nukes, terror, Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah - Iran's tentacles are spreading

Airstrikes against ISIS continue as US troops leave

Company BMC from Turkey unveils new design for indigenous Altay Main Battle Tank

Israel allows US to deploy Iron Dome missile defence system in the Gulf: Report

Mercenaries remain in Libya despite deadline, calls for departure

Armed U.S. Army MQ-1C Gray Eagle Drone Performs Emergency Landing In Northern Niger

W. Sahara rebels launch attack, warn Morocco of escalation

Pirates attack Turkish ship off W. Africa; kill 1, kidnap 15

As Protests Shake Russia, Kremlin Drops Its ‘Navalny Who?’ Tack

Russian police violence under review after mass arrests at Navalny protests

US Navy starts first Black Sea operation of 2021

Asian 'El Chapo' Tse Chi Lop arrested in the Netherlands

Greek socialist ex-minister Valyrakis, 77, found dead at sea

Greece, France formalize $3B Rafale fighter jet deal

Nexter Katana Smart Artillery Ammunition Demonstrates Flight Control Capability

Spain to buy 55 advanced trainer jets, Airbus and Leonardo vie for deal

Germans Started Solving Secret Soviet Crimes (A Piece At A Time)

Scotland: Hackers publish thousands of files after government agency refuses to pay ransom

Delfin Class: The Cuban Navy's Only Submarine

China's dam-building over Brahmaputra risks water war with India

The JL-3: the new missile ‘raising the cost’ of a US fight with China

Five Takeaways From the Developing Space War Between China and the U.S.

To Rule the Invisible Battlefield: The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Chinese Military Power

Chinese fighter jets enter Taiwan air space for second day as tensions rise days into Biden term

Indonesia says it has seized Iranian and Panamanian tankers

Thousands of members of the National Guard will remain stationed in DC during Trump's impeachment trial

Lawmakers move to oust extremists from military

SEAL Sentenced to 10 Years in Death of Green Beret Logan Melgar

How Space Became the Next ‘Great Power’ Contest Between the U.S. and China

The KelTec Sub 2000: A Bug Out Blaster

The Army is officially buying the sniper rifle the entire US military wants

Artillery: Bigger Is Better If Your Aim Is True

GA-ASI Successfully Completes Self-Protection System Demo on MQ-9

Why Was The U.S. Air Force B-21 First Flight Delayed?

This is what this year’s US/UK carrier strike group will look like

U.S. carrier group enters South China Sea amid Taiwan tensions

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