Af/Pak & Other News (1/27/2013)

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Jan 27, 2013, 6:06:05 PM1/27/13
ISAF launches another raid targeting al Qaeda in Kunar:

Third bomb attack in 24 hours kills eight Afghan police:

Harry's Afghan downtime: movies, candy trades:

Show some gratitude, Army chiefs tell Prince Harry:

Fighting rages between militants in Tirah valley:

Afghanistan: Where actresses risk their lives for their art:

India's nuclear-capable missile test reportedly successful:

U.S. upgrades strike capabilities against Iran, stations 'stealth'
fighters in Gulf:

Iran Manufacturing Hi-Tech Spacesuits:

Iran unveils machine for amputating thieves’ fingers:

Ehud Barak: U.S. has contingency plan for 'surgical' strike on Iran:

Syrian rebels, army clash in Damascus during U.N. visit:

Refugee Crisis Grows as Violence Flares Across Syria:

Russia says Assad's prospects fading:

Israel warns of attack on Syrian chemical weapons:

IDF deploys Iron Domes in North amid Syria worries:

China, Russia, U.S. raise Mediterranean naval focus:

Egyptian president imposes state of emergency in 3 cities after deadly

Libya: Harder Times Are Coming:

Mali: France destroys Islamist leader's house as it advances on

US to provide aerial refueling for French Mali effort:

Embezzlement in Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces cost the state over
$3 million:

CIA’s secret prison: ‘Poland dragging out investigation’:

Five Su-34s delivered to Russian Air Force:

Japan Launches New Satellites To Boost Surveillance:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

U.S. Delegation Visits Taiwan Base Amid Subs Speculation:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

MDA to North Korea: GMD is (Almost) Back!:

Decline in lasers pointed at aircraft:

Watch the World’s Highest Resolution Drone-Mounted Camera in Action:

They Just Got Osama, So Put Your Money Where The Rotors Are:

6 Military Fakes You Won't Believe Fooled the World:

Andrew Swallow

Jan 27, 2013, 7:36:48 PM1/27/13
On 27/01/2013 23:06, wrote:
> They Just Got Osama, So Put Your Money Where The Rotors Are:

Article asking for more money to design new military helicopters.

NASA has been working on what it calls Autonomous Landing and Hazard
Avoidance Technology (ALHAT). This is to help helicopters and
spacecraft land without crashing into rocks.


NASA wants to use it on the Moon but there are plenty of rocks on the
Earth. Would the ALHAT equipment be useful on military helicopters?

Andrew Swallow

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