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Af/Pak & Other News (8/3/2021)

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Aug 3, 2021, 1:38:12 PM8/3/21
Taliban, Afghan forces battle for control of Helmand’s capital

6 Things A Soldier Learns Dodging Taliban Rockets All Day

Former SEAL & CIA officer on how US operations in Afghanistan will continue

Afghanistan’s Special Forces Start Training In Turkey As Part Of NATO’s Mission

Everything America did wrong in Afghanistan, according to the top US government watchdog

China in Afghanistan: Trade and Terrorism

US expands Afghan refugee program as Taliban violence rises

Taliban want 'lion’s share of power' in peace deal – U.S. special envoy

How The Mounting Tension In Afghanistan Is Playing Out For Neighboring Pakistan

A Taliban Victory in Afghanistan Means Insurgency in Pakistan

Ladakh standoff: India, China agree to disengage troops from Gogra Heights

India to deploy naval task force into South China Sea and beyond

Indian Army’s ALH Dhruv Helicopter crashes into Dam

US Approves Harpoon Missile Deal With India Worth USD 82 Million

Iranian Mystery Mine Hunter

U.S. Threatens “Appropriate Response” After Blaming Iran For Drone Attack On Tanker

Analysis: Iran escalates maritime conflict against Israel

Iran has advantage in its shadow war with Israel at sea - analysis

Iraq: Rotten At The Top

What Does Iraq Want from America?

4 ships off UAE in Gulf of Oman warn they’ve lost control

British navy group: ‘Potential hijack’ of ship off UAE coast

Tanker seized by suspected Iran-backed forces in Arabian Sea, say maritime sources

Kuwait receives first M1A2K tank

Russian pilots use US-made GPS receivers during combat missions in Syria

Lebanon is sliding back to the Stone Age, and Iran couldn’t be happier about it

Artillery: Israel Radically Upgrades

Israel and Iran Are Tanking Their Own Security

Israel to buy CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopters

Bedouin Business Backfires

Eight Egyptian Soldiers Killed During Operations In North Sinai

Libya: The Empires Strike Back

US steps up Somalia strikes as al-Qaida ally attacks escalate

Jihadis in Niger attack military supply mission, killing 15

Ukraine Approves Law to Involve Entire Population in Countering (Russian) "Aggressor"

Ukraine to parade Bayraktar TB2 armed drone for first time

Head of Belarusian exile group found hanged in Ukraine, police open murder case

Su-35 crashes in Russia’s Far East

Russia says 24 diplomats asked by US to leave by September

Space station situation with Russian module misfire more serious than stated: report

NATO Fighters Intercepted Two Rare Russian Il-22PP ‘Mute’ EW Aircraft Over The Baltics For The Very First Time

Turkmenistan showcases newly acquired Leonardo’s M-346FA combat aircraft

Netherlands Army Deploys Tanks Abroad for First Time in 20 Years

Poland: Evolutionary Versus Revolutionary

German warship ‘Bayern’ heads to the Indo-Pacific

Germany says wife of man believed to be double agent also helped spy for China

German air force declares Meteor missile ready for Eurofighter fleet

Two British frigates to be gifted to Greece

Britain Returns to Asia, to China’s Dismay

British Carrier Strike Group to conduct joint training with Australia, Japan and U.S. forces this week

Sonar 2150 passes first-of-class acceptance trials

British military launches its own Space Command with official opening

Colombian Navy Seizes Another Narco Submarine In Jungle Raid

Largest Narco Submarines Compared To Navy Subs

Argentina: Invulnerable Chinese Poachers

Arctic will become ‘contested’ without US presence and partnerships, 2nd Fleet CO warns

In the Newly Noisy Arctic, Underwater Operations Are Getting Harder

New Chinese carrier promises blue-water airpower

China’s Nuclear Forces Swell: A Tri-Polar World?

China Hosts Russia Troops to Hold Strategic Military Drills for First Time

Demystifying The DF-100: A Deeper Look At China’s Mysterious Cruise Missile

How China Helps the Cuban Regime Stay Afloat and Shut Down Protests

‘Greatest cover-up of all time’: House GOP presents evidence of COVID-19 origins, Wuhan lab leak

Taiwan finishes operational evaluations of improved Sky Sword II missile

North Korea: China Subdues The North

Photos of Kim Jong Un With Bandaged Head, Unexplained Green Spot Fuel Health Speculation

South Korea to start trial operations of ‘grenade-launching' and ‘small modular' UAVs in 2022

Japan to deploy missile units to Ishigaki Island next year

Philippines says US military deal ‘in full force again’

Australia: Innovation Takes Longer and Costs More

New Zealand: Rocket Lab launches US Space Force mission

To Understand UAP, We Need Megapixel Imagery

He’s the Reason We Know about the Tic Tac UFO

US Military to Conduct Clinical Trial of Anti-Aging Pill Next Year

These Are the 5 Worst War Movies of All Time

Pentagon on Lockdown Following Shooting Outside Building

NAVWAR opens 'secret-level' security information pipeline

The Pentagon Is Experimenting With Using Artificial Intelligence To "See Days In Advance"

Senate report warns of glaring cybersecurity holes at federal agencies

Navy Formally Accuses Sailor Of Starting The Fire That Destroyed The USS Bonhomme Richard

Navy Launches ‘No Notice’ Fire Safety Assessments At All Shipyards

Skipper: Docs show no coverup in submarine sinking

Milley Compares Urgency of Modernization to Interwar Period

New Swarming Capability Planned For The V-Bat Vertical Takeoff And Landing Drone

Bell Unveils VTOL Aircraft Concepts That All Feature Fold-Away Rotors For Jet-Speed Flight

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: August 02

Next-generation BAE Systems APKWS guidance kits improve rocket range and impact

US Special Operations Command has big plans for its new fleet of small attack planes

With Undersea Robots, an Air Force Navigator Lost Since 1967 Is Found

Air Force to develop anti-drone system named for Thor's hammer, Mjolnir

Highly Modified Air Force Test Pilot School F-16 Is Now An X-Plane

Electronic Warfare System On Air Force F-16 Gets Capability Update In Flight

House panel demands another investigation into F-35 pilot breathing system problems

Top Admiral: Defense Firms Are Lobbying Against the Weapons the US Navy Needs

Navy tests MQ-4C unmanned aerial vehicles with upgraded sensors

Electronic attack system to provide Navy more capabilities, flexible options

Navy will incur some cost in replacing Freedom-variant LCS combining gears

Navy decommissions USS Independence, first littoral combat ship of its class

US Navy looks to add JPALS to CMV-22B Osprey

Wonderful world of Naval Mines: Against China?

Report on Navy Large Unmanned Surface and Undersea Vehicles

USS Iowa submarine will be first built for coed crew

U.S. Navy christens future USS Hyman G. Rickover

First Live-Fire Test Of The Navy's New Long-Range Anti-Radiation Missile Was A Success

Delayed Navy Torpedo Competition Set For Later This Year

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