Af/Pak & Other News (3/31/2021)

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Mar 31, 2021, 1:37:54 PM3/31/21
Taliban signal they have already won: report

Afghanistan Warns of Civil War If US Pulls Out Without Peace Deal

Report to Congress on U.S. Policy Toward Afghanistan

India's future 6 SSNs over 3rd Carrier: Internal Leverage.

Iraqi Militia Attacks Against Kurdish Peshmerga Benefit The Islamic State

A growing challenge for Iraq: Iran-aligned Shiite militias

Watch A Saudi F-15 Fighter Swoop In Low To Blast A Houthi Rebel Drone Out Of The Sky

Houthis Step Up Long-Range Drone Attacks On Saudi Oil Facilities

Yemeni govt intelligence report reveals Houthis work closely with al-Qaeda, ISIS

Who's Leaking About the Israel-Iran Brawl at Sea?

Suez Canal: 'Ever Given' crew may be under house arrest, face charges

In stark warning, Egypt leader says Nile water ‘untouchable’

Egypt decides to open new naval base near Libya

M60 tanks transferred to Libya

Mali: Reusability Makes A Difference

U.N. experts alarmed by Russian security contractors' 'abuses' in Central Africa

Niger government confirms military coup attempt thwarted

Congo: Return Of The Kings

Fighting Escalates in Eastern Ukraine, Signaling the End to Another Cease-Fire

U.S. official calls buildup of Russian forces near Ukraine border "concerning"

Putin plots Ukraine peace talks without Ukraine

Il-112V completes second flight

Russia suspected of stealing thousands of State Department emails

Putin's spies are getting sloppy: 'America isn't sending a guy to your house to kill you with a hammer, but the Russians will,' NATO official says

Putin’s pipeline of aggression: How the Nord Stream 2 threatens the West

Navalny announces hunger strike after accusing Russian prison of torture

NATO Interceptors Scrambled 10 Times In 6 Hours To Shadow Russian Bombers And Fighters Near Alliance Airspace

Saab Has Begun Testing 3D Printing To Repair Battle-Damaged Fighter Jets

Type 212CD: A Stealth Submarine That Could Sink Anything?

Italy expels Russians after allegedly busting spies with secret files

Naval Officer Busted Selling Top NATO Secrets to Russia for Just $6K

Astral Knight 2021 to take place at Aviano Air Base in Italy

How Significant Is Greece’s Growing Military Cooperation With The UAE And Saudi Arabia?

RAF retires Sentinel

British Ministry of Defence announces plans to address climate change

Brazilian Heads of Army, Navy and Air Force Resign as President Jair Bolsonaro Tightens Control

What a Change in China’s Officer Rank and Grade System Tells Us About PLA Reform

Shenyang hints at a carrier-based version of FC-31 fighter jet

PLA Chinese army commissions new type robot for bomb disposal

China Launches A New Long-Range Anti-Submarine Detection Ship

China's Military Preparing for U.S. Intervention in Taiwan Strait

Philippines Says Chinese Ships ‘Swarming’ Area Around Disputed Spratly Islands

North Koreans routinely witness fatalities during military service, survey says

Satellite image shows renewed activity at North Korean nuclear lab

Hanwha preparing its new ground robot for big military test

‘Myanmar Military a Terrorist Group,’ Says Advisory Council

The World’s Weirdest Aircraft Carrier Just Reappeared Near Singapore

Australia unveils A$1B plan to develop own guided missiles

We Are in a Shadow Cyberwar With China: Adm. Stavridis

New Warp Drive Model Requires No ‘Exotic Matter,’ Scientists Say We Can Build It

Child Unknowingly Tweets From US Nuclear Command’s Account

G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate mastermind, dead at 90

U.S. Special Operations Command Paid $500,000 to Secretive Location Data Firm

Should USSOCOM be its own military branch? A Navy SEAL weighs in

The World's Most Secretive 737 Just Showed Its Bizarre Self Over The Mojave Desert

Citadel secures a $5 million counter-drone contract from the US DoD

Martin UAV unveils V-BAT 128

US Army lab and University of Central Florida optimize 3D printing process

US Army to Undertake Final Testing of ‘Robotic Mule’ Unmanned Vehicle

The Army is buying thousands of the 'awesome' new rifle that is fast becoming the sniper weapon of choice for the US military

Navy Ships, F-35s, Missiles & Robots Planned for Army Project Convergence '21

US Air Force proves it can transport a ‘flying car’ on a C-130. Now for the fun part.

Three New F-35 Squadrons To Be Based At Florida's Previously Storm-Ravaged Tyndall Air Force Base

US Navy to Establish Unmanned Vessel Division

Navy’s Plans Call For New Drones To Shoot, Spy, Jam

The Navy’s plan to replace the Super Hornet by the 2030s

Navy’s Next-Generation Air Dominance Program to Mix Manned, Unmanned Systems

Navy: NGAD Will be Family of Systems, Super Hornet Replacement Likely a Manned Fighter

USN says new small aircraft carrier unnecessary, L-class ships sufficient


Mar 31, 2021, 2:00:46 PM3/31/21
On 3/31/2021 10:54 AM, a425couple wrote:
> On 3/31/2021 10:38 AM, wrote:
>> Taliban signal they have already won: report
>> Watch A Saudi F-15 Fighter Swoop In Low To Blast A Houthi Rebel Drone
>> Out Of The Sky
> "The Qasef-1, a suicide drone derived from the Iranian Ababil-2, and the
> improved Qasef-2K, are Houthi staples that the Yemeni rebels have been
> actively using for years now. The exact differences between the Qasef-1,
> which has an estimated range of around 124 miles, and the Qasef-2K are
> not entirely clear."
> from
> General characteristics
> Crew: none
> Capacity: 40 kg payload
> Length: 2.88 m (9 ft 5 in)
> Wingspan: 3.25 m (10 ft 8 in)
> Height: 0.91 m (3 ft 0 in)
> Wing area: 1.76 m2 (18.9 sq ft)
> Combat range: 120 km (75 mi, 65 nmi)
> Endurance: 1 ¼ – 2 hr
>> Houthis Step Up Long-Range Drone Attacks On Saudi Oil Facilities
>> Yemeni govt intelligence report reveals Houthis work closely with
>> al-Qaeda, ISIS
"Of course, this problematic cost differential is not new. In 2017, a
U.S. Army general had publicly talked about this issue, describing how
an unspecified U.S. ally, possibly Israel, had shot down a
quadcopter-type drone of the kind anyone can purchase online for
hundreds of dollars with a Patriot missile worth millions.

More recently, U.S. Marine Corps General Frank McKenzie, the current
head of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), has said on multiple occasions
he believes that small drones represent a growing, outsized threat
relative to their cost and that the U.S. military is presently on the
"wrong side" of that equation. The U.S. military is very likely watching
closely how Saudi Arabia deals with Houthi drones, as well as their
cruise missiles, as it works to refine and expand its own capabilities
to engage similar threats, especially in airspace over and around the
United States.

Those developments aside, the U.S. military, among many others, is still
very much grappling now with how to counter these very real threats in a
cost-effective manner. This, together with the relatively low monetary
and skill barriers to the employment of lower-end drones, including
hobbyist types modified to carry improvised munitions, to begin with,
makes them very attractive to non-state actors, including terrorists and
organized criminal enterprises. Spending millions of dollars to defeat a
steady stream of drones that cost thousands of dollars is just not a
sustainable proposition in the long term.

This is certainly a reality that Saudis will only have increasingly
contend with, especially as the Houthis have been notably stepping up
drone and missile attacks on the Kingdom in recent months. "
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