Af/Pak & Other News (10/24/2021)

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Oct 24, 2021, 11:16:46 PM10/24/21
Former Afghanistan envoy says he quit because debate wasn't rooted in reality

Don’t Count on Iran Stopping at a Nuclear Weapon

Qatar Voices Frustration Over U.S. Response to Request to Buy Drones

Saudi Prince MBS Talked of Using Poison Ring from Russia to Kill King, Dissident Says

More than 260 Yemeni rebels killed in Saudi-led strikes near Marib, coalition says

Iran’s new brigade infiltrates tribes in east Syria

IDF said to resume practicing potential strike on Iranian nuclear sites

A C.I.A. Fighter, a Somali Bomb Maker, and a Faltering Shadow War

Somali government says it has ousted Islamist militia from town

Why Hungary Is Zelenskyy’s Other Big Problem

Russia: Too Good, Too Expensive And Too Few

Up Close And Personal With The Polish MiG-29s At Minsk Mazowiecki Air Base

Germany: Ex-soldiers offered mercenaries $10,000 a week to join a private army that would fight in Yemen's civil war, prosecutors says

China demands US withdraw military from South China Sea

Is War Imminent in the Taiwan Strait?

US Green Berets who've trained Taiwanese troops explain how they could fight China and why the US keeps their mission secret

North Korea may be making plans for a future without Kim Jong Un

Guide To North Korean Navy's Submarine Types

KAI Unveils New MAH Marineon Helicopter at ADEX 2021

Japan & Canada Could Eventually Join AUKUS says UK General

Evacuations as burning cargo ship spews toxic gas off Canada's coast

The National Guard Could Be Deployed To Deliver Cargo Out Of Ports In Southern California

The White House Had to Row Back Biden’s Comments After He Suggested the US Would Defend Taiwan From an Attack by China

What Biden is keeping secret in the JFK files

Havana and the Global Hunt for U.S. Officers

In The '90s, The Military Tried Giving Soldiers Skateboards

Cancers Strike US Fighter Pilots, Crews at Higher Rates, Air Force Finds

Army’s New Tactical Trucks Will Be ‘Essential Transportation Link’ In The Future

Commander Optimistic About ‘Armed Overwatch’ Procurement Prospects

In Forbes: US-French Collaboration on Mid-Sized Carrier Design?

What Future Armament and Role Options for the U.S. Navy’s LUSV?

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