Af/Pak & Other News (8/17/2012)

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Aug 17, 2012, 12:15:10 PM8/17/12
ISAF kills senior IMU leader, 'multiple insurgents' in airstrike:

Two US service members killed by Afghan police officer:

NATO brands Taliban leader Omar's Eid message 'insane':

Video: APKWS Goes to War:

Mullah Omar addresses green-on-blue attacks:

Taliban leader urges insurgents to cut civilian deaths:

Key Taliban member calls for end to war:

US Army reports spike in suicides:

Indo-Pak AEW&C -- One In, One Out:

Iraq Officials: Over 90 Dead in Thursday's Attacks:

Saudi oil giant seals off network after mystery malware attack:

Over 2,000 Syrians Including One General Flee to Turkey:

Syria: Clashes near airport in contested Aleppo:

Securing Syria chemical weapons may take tens of thousands of troops:

Plane diverts to Syria, passengers asked if they could pay for fuel:

Hamas militant killed in accidental bomb blast:

Israel Hones Active Air Defense System:

Hiding in Plain Sight:

The Chinook's 50th anniversary in service...:

Video: Unmanned Little (Sea) Bird Lands on Ship:

Marines Find Pilot Errors Caused Fatal V-22 Morocco Crash; Japan Vice
Minister Briefed: EXCLUSIVE:

Operational Raptors drop SDBs for the first time:

U.S. Navy Officials Suppressed Bad LCS-1 Test Results:

Shamoon, a two-stage targeted attack:

Boeing gets into High Velocity Penetrating Weapon game:

Border patrol spends big to go after drug smuggling ultralights:

Unmanned Sub-Hunter To Quell A Silent Threat:

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