Af/Pak & Other News (4/24/2021)

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Apr 24, 2021, 9:14:06 PM4/24/21
‘It bothers me a little bit that it’s just going to end like this’ – The pain felt by Afghanistan war veterans

CIA head said to have made unannounced trip to Afghanistan

Taliban won't get 'free rein' when troops exit Afghanistan, Armed Forces minister says

Navy carrier, Air Force B-52s, Army Rangers to help protect Afghanistan pullout, officials say

Rocky US-Pakistan Ties Scrutinized as Foreign Troops Set to Exit Afghanistan

Indian Army issues notice seeking to procure 350 light tanks

Naval Air: India Diversifies

Turkey launches ground, air operation in northern Iraq

The thrilling story of an F-14 Tomcat TARPS mission flown over Iraqi weapons of mass destruction plant of Al Qa’im during Operation Desert Storm (Captured in a Beautiful Artwork)

Fire extinguished on oil tanker off Syria after suspected drone attack

Syrian war monitor claims 3 killed as Iran oil tanker struck by drone

Militants fire 35 rockets into Israel from Gaza amid clashes

How Israel’s missile defense organization is preparing for the threats of the future

Chadian rebels vow to resume advance after Deby’s funeral

China’s Aircraft Carriers Could Soon Be Based in Africa?

Vladimir Putin calls off his army but it may not be going far

Rafale Fighter: What Ukraine Needs to Deter Russia?

Project 22350: This Fearsome Frigate Will Be the Backbone of the Russian Navy

The Arms Merchant in the Sights of Russia’s Elite Assassination Squad

Navalny's Novichok poisoning was Putin sending the world a message, experts say

Russia may label Navalny’s opposition networks as extremist groups. Even T-shirts could be outlawed.

Iniohos 2021 Hellenic Air Force exercise - Report

Germany: DLR develops an unmanned stratospheric aircraft

The U.K. Spy Agency MI5 Joined Instagram. It Wasn’t for the Likes.

China Commissions a Type 055 DDG, a Type 075 LHD and a Type 094 SSBN in a Single Day

China’s most advanced amphibious assault ship expected to be deployed in disputed South China Sea

China eyes asteroid defence system, comet mission

Target Taiwan: Why China Is Desperate for Control of Taipei

How next-generation technology could allow US to fight off mainland Chinese invasion of Taiwan

JASDF team learns how USAF defends the E-3 AWACS from cyber threats

Indonesian Navy Says Oil Slick, Debris Proof That Submarine Sank, Killing 53

Serious At-Sea Submarine Accidents, 2000 - 2021

AC-130J going to Philippines for live-firing practice

Pentagon UFO report: They ‘acknowledged the reality,’ whistleblower says

Biden Becomes First President to Keep His Word on Armenian Genocide

Hundreds of U.S. scientists feared compromised by China

U.S. Space Force Rallies Congress For Acquisition Org Changes

The Army Has Started Fielding Its First New Short Range Air Defense System In Decades

US Air Force rewrites basic doctrine, emphasising ‘commander’s intent’

HASC: Congress Let DoD Buy Too Many F-35 Fighters But Not Enough F-35 Spares, Sustainment

How the U.S. Navy and Drones Could Merge Into a Deadly Fighting Machine

U.S. Navy tests Vanilla unmanned aerial vehicle from moving truck

Navy Demonstrates Unmanned Speed Boat

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