Af/Pak & Other News (4/26/2021)

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Apr 26, 2021, 8:17:14 PM4/26/21
US sending around 650 troops to Afghanistan to protect forces as they withdraw

U.S. begins Afghanistan withdrawal, handing over bases

Five things to watch as the U.S. prepares to exit Afghanistan

Millions in Taliban Taxes Show Who’s in Charge as U.S. Departs

How to Think About Counterinsurgency After Afghanistan

Pakistan's biggest worry is regrouping of militants after American troops pullout from Afghanistan: US general

India third-largest military spender after the US and China

Israeli Super Heron vs US Sea Guardian: Which one is more suitable for Indian Navy?

Iran-China fighter deal deadlock: an opportunity for Russia?

What Lifting Sanctions on Iran Will Mean

Open-source analysis of Iran’s missile and UAV capabilities and proliferation

Iran's top diplomat speaks bluntly on nuclear deal, Gen. Qasem Soleimani in leaked recording

John Kerry told Iranians about secret Israeli operations in Syria: Report

Counter-drone director talks testing in Saudi Arabia and regional expansion

Houthis' missile depot explodes in Yemen's Sanaa: residents

The Nurol Ejder 6x6: Turkey’s First Wheeled APC

Syria now a gateway for drugs and mercenaries to Libya

TikTok intifada is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ - analysis

Security cabinet authorizes broad military action if Gaza rocket fire continues

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Group 42 create Presight AI

‘War weary’ Libya reflects 10 years on from Gaddafi and Arab spring

Déby’s Death Unsettles North Africa, Sparks Conspiracy Theories

Chad’s new military rulers name prime minister, opposition cries foul

Dozens of Nigerian soldiers killed in militant attack on army base

Congo: Tribal Power Persists

Ukrainian Man Trying to Obtain S-300 Parts Sentenced to 10 Years in Russia

Putin draws a 'red line' on Ukraine, and he means it

A Missile Radar in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Is Now a Protected Heritage Site

Unsealed Soviet archives reveal cover-ups at Chernobyl plant before disaster

How GRU Sabotage and Assassination Operations in Czechia and Bulgaria Sought to Undermine Ukraine

U.S. Global Hawk Drone "Lost Contact" While Flying Over Ukraine: Russian Media

Russia successfully test-fires new ABM interceptor missile

Video: Russia Is Practicing Killing Missiles (Like U.S. Missiles and More)

Russia considers using convicts to build railway

Russia-China union casts dark cloud over West

'' Admin Says He’s Not Surprised Russian Intelligence Uses His Site

Russia orders Kremlin critic Navalny's activist network to stop operations

Taking Things Personally? Prosecutor Seeking 'Extremist' Tag For Navalny Groups Was Subject Of A 2019 Corruption Exposé

Czech Government Rejects President's Comments Casting Doubt On Russian Role In Arms Depot Blast

A Look At How Germany’s Military Fleet Is Evolving

Warnings Posted For A Peculiar French Ballistic Missile Test In The Atlantic

France Seeks To Avoid Collisions

Royal Navy’s ARCIMS USV can now be deployed by Air

Astute-class Attack Submarine: Why The Royal Navy Love This Underwater Killer

GDLS-UK Demonstrates AJAX-Brimstone ‘Overwatch’ Variant

Britain's Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier to visit Japan, S Korea on maiden deployment

Merlin helicopters drop torpedoes in Falmouth Bay

Cartel gun battle with armored trucks kills 8 in Mexico

Mexican gangs use retail drones as airborne IEDs

China reasserts Diaoyus claim with island survey as tensions rise with Japan

China’s state rocket company unveils rendering of a Starship look-alike

Just How Safe Is Taiwan From China? American Experts Aren’t Sure.

Chinese military tests Taiwan’s radar system with surface-level incursion into air defence zone

The Coming Blockade of Taiwan by China?

S.Korea Plans to Develop Marine Corps Chopper by 2031

Indonesian brigadier general killed in 2-week Papua clash

Much Debris Recovered from KRI Nanggala, Indonesian Submarine

How To Escape From A Submarine Stranded On The Seabed

Study: Total 2020 global military expenditures reached nearly $2 trillion

Supreme Court to Rule on Whether C.I.A. Black Sites Are State Secrets

Women positioned to make history as Air Force’s first ground special operators

US spec ops are using AI to look for an edge

Artificial intelligence and war without humans

Artificial intelligence and machine learning for unmanned vehicles

War in All but Name

‘Band of Brothers’ Sequel ‘Masters of the Air’ Has Finally Started Production

A new microwave energy weapon claims to disable a whole swarm of drones at once

FCC prohibits high-power microwave weapons for counter-UAV uses because of RF interference or jamming

Help Us Identify This Mysterious SR-71-Looking "Tow Target"

SDA opens door to expanded, space-based electronic warfare

U.S. military’s appetite for information fueling demand for space technology

National Reconnaissance Office conducts first launch of 2021

A Risky Bet? The U.S. Army of the Future Will Be Electric

The Marine Corps Is Experimenting with a Concept that Could Reshape the Infantry

Top Priority: Marines Want New Loitering Drones

Logos Technologies successfully tests WAMI sensor on RQ-21A Blackjack

Kaman’s autonomous K-Max Titan helicopter makes first flight

USAF to retrofit Reaper against jamming, fit further enhancements

Two US Democrats vow to oppose additional F-35 requests to those in budget

Congress May Put the Kibosh on Buying Extra F-35 Fighter Jets

DoD Weighs More ‘Organic’ F-35 Maintenance; Bartering With Lockheed

Marines Eyeing New ‘LXX’ Concept As More Lethal Alternative to LPD Flight IIs

Is it Time for the U.S. Navy to Build the Drone Carrier Warship?

The U.S. Navy’s New Unhackable GPS Alternative: The Stars

Navy mine countermeasures unit uses undersea drones in exercise

Four Ways a China-U.S. War at Sea Could Play Out


Apr 27, 2021, 1:23:53 AM4/27/21
On Mon, 26 Apr 2021 17:17:12 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

> Pakistan's biggest worry is regrouping of militants after American troops pullout from Afghanistan: US general

Why Pakistan supported these people, its India that should be worried.


Apr 27, 2021, 1:26:06 AM4/27/21
On Mon, 26 Apr 2021 17:17:12 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

I think this is nonsense, no where has al Qaeda been able to establish
bases like it had in Afghanistan in 2001.
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