Af/Pak & Other News (10/25/2021)

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Oct 25, 2021, 12:01:11 PM10/25/21
UN Says Nearly 23 Million Afghans Face Acute Hunger

Behind a Billboard of Bowe Bergdahl, Khost Maintains Anti-Taliban Ways

The Ignorance of Political Islam Continues to Doom Western Policy in Afghanistan

The inside story behind the photo of the last soldier to leave Afghanistan

INS Vikrant underway for second phase of sea trials

Saudi crown prince a ‘psychopath’, says exiled intelligence officer

Israeli helicopters said to strike Hezbollah-linked targets in southern Syria

IDF drops leaflets outing Syrian Arab Army officers as working for Hezbollah

In landmark visit, UAE air chief in Israel to observe ‘Blue Flag’ exercise

Scorpius T AESA EW threat simulator debuts at exercise Blue Flag 2021

Sudan’s military takes power in coup, arrests prime minister

Live: Sudan’s General Burhan dissolves government, declares state of emergency

Ukraine to receive 3 more Island-class patrol boats from the U.S.

Microsoft: Russian-backed hackers targeting cloud services

Let’s Have A Closer Look At Leonardo’s Miysis Laser-Based Directional IR Countermeasure

France launches Syracuse 4A military communications satellite

Brazil receives first Exocet-armed H225M helicopters

China commissions the 1st 10.000-ton coast guard vessel

China’s new hypersonic weapon is a lot like America’s 1960’s space bomber

China Conducts First Underwater Demolition Exercise

Japan Conducted Close-in Recon During 1st Sino-Russian Joint Sea Patrol: China

Australia's Great Power SSN Aspirations Endangered

Officials grilled over ‘secret’ nuclear submarine deal

How AI is rising up the ranks of the military

Senators Join Push to Prevent Military Suicide

US Military funds research that tests 5G technology as a surveillance radar

Space: Faster, Cheaper And Good Enough

Firefly completes design of Moon mission, aiming for 2023 launch

Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine launches Trident II D5LE missiles

Army Seeks ‘Cutting Edge’ Network-Aided PNT Technologies For Battle

Hog Of The Forsaken

The U.S. Navy Wants to Keep Four Of Its Troubled Littoral Combat Ships Near China. Three Are Already There.

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