Af/Pak & Other News (8/16/2012)

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Aug 16, 2012, 12:12:47 PM8/16/12
Taliban attack major Pakistan air base; 10 killed:

Seven U.S. troops among 11 dead in Afghan helicopter crash:,0,6559334.story

Up to 25 Shiites dragged off bus and shot dead in Pakistan:

Yemen: 62 Troops to Be Tried Over Ministry Attack:

Saudi seeks to equip King Air 350ER with Link-16 capable ISR Suites:

22 killed in pre-Eid Iraq attacks:

Air strike kills over 30 as OIC suspends Syria:

Syria rebels 'to turn to Qaeda if West fails them':

Syrian Rebels Put Captured Iranian Drones on YouTub:

Lebanon grapples with Syria violence spillover:

Stratfor: Targeting tribal leaders: A new militant tactic in Sinai:

Nigerian Navy believed to be buyer of three Shaldag fast patrol boats:

Germany arrests four over Iran exports:

Russia Puts 4th S-400 Air Defense Regiment on Combat Duty:

Belgian F-16 crashes after bird collision: defence ministry:

Ecuador grants asylum to WikiLeaks' Assange:

Yi-Tian mobile air defense system for People’s Liberation Army Navy
Marine Corps?:

Chinese carrier seen with J-15 Flanker copy onboard:

Manchu Missile Launch:

Korea: Conscripts and Smart Phones Are A Deadly Combination:

This 3D-Printed Exoskeleton Could One Day Turn You Into a Cyborg:

The Biggest D.C. Spy Scandal You Haven’t Heard About (Part One):

The Biggest D.C. Spy Scandal You Haven’t Heard About (Part Two):

Fin Failure Dooms Third X-51A Flight:

Stealthy, Tiny, Deadly, Global: The Drone Revolution’s Next Phase:

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