Af/Pak & Other News (4/29/2021)

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Apr 29, 2021, 2:02:19 PM4/29/21
Afghanistan: A29 Super Tucano carries laser guided bomb for precision strikes

Congress demands answers on Afghanistan withdrawal

U.S. Unconditional Withdrawal Rattles Afghanistan's Shaky Peace Talks

Mission Accomplished in Afghanistan?

Afghan forces prepare to take on the Taliban without U.S. help, because there's "no other option."

California man guilty in $100M Afghanistan fraud scheme

Indian Navy expects to take delivery of INS Vikrant aircraft carrier by end of 2021

The Kerry Tapes, Another Iranian Disinformation Attempt?

Russia secretly feared the Iran nuclear deal. Here’s why.

Iran Unveils Electronic Warfare, Surveillance Systems for Drones

How Iran’s Militia Proxies Could Threaten Israel From These Four Countries

What Is Behind the Attack on Turkey’s Military Base in Iraq?

Chadian rebels claim they have shot down military helicopter

Why Putin Flexed His Military Muscle on Ukraine’s Border

Russia Wants to Take the S-400 Global

Russian Cruise Missile Spins Out Of Control Before Crashing Into Sea Near Launching Destroyer

Moscow is annoyed Eastern European governments no longer turn a blind eye to assassinations by 'Unit 29155'

Russia Spreading Disinformation Other Countries Out to Sabotage Its COVID Vaccine, EU Says

Navalny Network Crumbling Under Kremlin’s Sustained Assault

Alexei Navalny Team Fixes Sights on Russia Election Showdown With Vladimir Putin

Kyrgyzstan Says Seized Tajik Border Post During Heavy Fighting

Tajikistan’s army deploys tank convoy to Kyrgyz border

Netherlands: Jetpacks and commandos: How to take down a ship

Bulgaria expels Russian diplomat over arms depot blasts

Romania officially signs up for Naval Strike Missile systems

EuroDASS consortium signs contract to equip new German Typhoons with protective electronic warfare system

British RC-135 intelligence aircraft monitors Crimea

Brazilian Air Force and Embraer to study loyal wingman concept

Eight Venezuelan Soldiers Killed in Clashes on Colombian Border: Army

China launches core module of space station on Long March 5-B rocket

Helicopters Collide Mid-Air, Video Shows Fiery Wreckage

The game of chicken the US and China are playing in the Pacific looks worryingly familiar

China seeks to douse speculation of shrinking population

The Right Way to Fight a Maritime War Against China

South China Sea: Taiwan unveils coastguard vessel that doubles as warship

North Korea: Days Of Whine And Poses

N. Korea Completes Reconnaissance and Attack Drone Tests: Source

Japan explores multihull design for Aegis Ashore replacement

US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House

WMD charges added against men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan governor

Navy Dismisses Pearl Harbor Submarine Commander Due To ‘Loss of Confidence’

A Company Discovered It Could Track US Military Operations

How To Empty The Pentagon

Spike in Russian aircraft intercepts straining Air Force crews in Alaska, three-star says

Flying with F-22 fighters patrolling the Arctic: exclusive

Remembering Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins

Two former Navy SEALs’ plan to map the ocean floor

Navy Releases Eighth Round of USS Thresher Inquiry Documents

New Fires Technology Destabilizes Boundaries Between Warfighting Communities

World's Biggest Airplane Takes To The Skies For A Second Time After A Two Year Hiatus

Apptronik to Demonstrate Munition-Lifting Robot Arm for US Army

Why Green Beret training involves shooting out of a Toyota Corolla and ramming vehicles

U.S. Army to test Robotic Rocket Launcher

First Image of Marines’ New Anti-Ship Missile Unmanned Truck Emerges

USAF Logistics Chief Raises Urgent Warning On Surge Capacity

F-15E Strike Eagle Smart-Bomb Transports Are Hauling Munitions Around The Middle East

Here's the Tech That Will Define the Air Force's Secret New Fighter Jet

How the F-35 flies the line between failure and success

SitRep: Is the F-35 officially a failure?

Navy at ‘Unacceptable Risk’ From Missiles, Pentagon Tester Warns

Tracked & Destroyed: U.S. Navy Successfully Takes Down Over the Horizon Missile

The U.S. Navy Finally Has A Universal Missile—And That Means More Firepower For War With China

Stealth Zumwalt destroyers will be first US Navy warships armed with hypersonic missiles, top admiral says

The Navy’s Final Design for the Constellation-Class Frigate Is Nearly Complete

Seawolf Class Submarine: Hunting the Soviet Typhoon

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