Af/Pak & Other News (1/10/2021)

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Jan 10, 2021, 6:12:12 PM1/10/21
Afghanistan investigating if civilians killed in strike against Taliban

Afghan Leaders Sideline Spokesmen in an Escalating Misinformation War

Iran tells South Korea not to politicise seized vessel, demands release of funds

US sanctions Iraq's PMU chair Falih al-Fayadh

These U.S. troops survived one of the greatest crises of the Trump era. A year later, they’re still coping.

Saudi fighter jets escort U.S. B-52 heavy bombers amid Iranian activity in region

Daily low flying Israeli jets over Lebanon spreading jitters

Israel deploys missile defense batteries around the southern city of Eilat

UN foresees deployment of international cease-fire monitors in Libya

Ethiopian military says it killed 15 members of rebellious Tigray forces, captured 8 others

Nigerian Navy buys ARESA inshore patrol boats

Nigeria: Final battle begins

Experts: Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Conflict Could Spread to Neighboring Provinces

Russian Navy arms its MiG-31 fighters with Kh-47M hypersonic missiles

Grounded By Incorrigible Corruption

Russian Strategic Missile Forces have received 70 BPDM Typhoon-M anti-sabotage armored vehicles

Ulyanovsk: The USSR Had Big Aircraft Carrier Dreams

Belarusian Protests Continue Using 'Flash-Mob' Tactics To Avoid Police Crackdown

Serbia plans to buy Boeing T-7A Red Hawk in light combat variant

France conducts first test of new missile that can carry nuclear warhead

China wants to modify the engines on its J-20 stealth fighter to match the US's F-22

The world's first integrated quantum communication network

China’s underwater drones seized in Indonesia expose tech, routes and potential submarine plans

Chinese(?) UUVs Also Found Near Malacca Strait & Sunda Islands

Indonesia locates black boxes of crashed jet as body parts recovered

EXPLAINER: Why is Indonesia prone to plane crashes?

Pentagon releases timeline on planning and response to riot

The Military Can’t Legally Curb a President's Access to Nuclear Codes, Experts Say

Two-star Air Force general demoted to colonel for affair with subordinate

Cyber Valhalla: Air Force trains offensive warriors with unclassified exercise

US Space Force becomes 18th member of US intelligence community

U.S. Army evaluates upgraded version of Paladin howitzers

SWO Boss: Study Pushing Further Changes to LCS, Informing Frigate Manning Plans

Unclear on unmanned: The US Navy’s plans for robot ships are on the rocks

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