Af/Pak & Other News (2/16/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021, 1:38:18 PM2/16/21
Analysis: NATO faces conundrum as it mulls Afghan pullout

30 Taliban Fighters Die in Explosion During Bomb-Making Class

This Marine One VH-60N Had Its Iconic Paint Job Blotted Out For Historic Afghanistan Trip

Satellite images show fire devastation on Afghan-Iran border

Weapons Biz Bankrolls Experts Pushing to Keep U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

The proverbial ‘fall of Saigon’ is fast approaching in Afghanistan

Pakistan: Somethings In Common

The story of the Russian Il-76 crew that was forced to land at Kandahar by Taliban MiGs, imprisoned for a year and escaped with their own aircraft after having disarmed their captors

Exit The Dragon? Reasons behind India-China disengagement of military standoff at LAC

India’s locally made Rustom-2 drone flies through testing

New Details Emerge Of Assassination Of Iranian Scientist By Remote Control

Iran’s military slams spy chief for saying soldier tied to nuke scientist death

Report: Iran and Russia begin joint naval drill

Iranian Submarine Crises

Iran could deploy 200 missiles in Iraq to attack Israel

NATO to agree larger Iraq training force as violence rises

Rocket Attack Hits US Base in Iraq; Casualties Reported, Aircraft and Drone Destroyed

Iran's meddling must be tackled before Iraq elections, U.S. tells U.N.

Turkey vows to expand anti-PKK operations in northern Iraq

UN ‘alarmed’ at military escalation in Yemen’s Marib

Saudi-led coalition: Houthi drone interception leaves shrapnel near Abha airport

Turkey's ULAQ armed USV prototype enters sea trials

Turkey catches New Zealanders linked to Isis entering from Syria

In Turkey’s Safe Zone in Syria, Security and Misery Go Hand in Hand

Israel hints it may not engage Biden on Iran nuclear strategy

Israel's Northern Front heats up as Syria airstrikes, IAF drill overlap

In message to Hezbollah, IAF practices striking 3,000 targets in 24 hours

Libya, 10 years on: Can the war-torn country finally turn the page?

France rules out immediate troop cuts in Sahel, Chad deploys reinforcements

France touts military successes to win allies in G5 Sahel operations

Ukraine Detains Man Accused Of Leading Sabotage Group For Russia-Backed Separatists

Ukrainian minister says 'information attacks' hitting vaccine procurement

Russian Company Plans New Generation Of Missiles

Russia’s Tupolev Sued for not developing New Missile for Modernized Tu-160M Bomber on Time

Nato to discuss multilateral stance on China, Russia at first Biden-era talks

Sweden commits to future GlobalEye buy

France identifies Russia-linked hackers in large cyberattack

UK Ran Cyber Op to Cripple ISIS Communications: Services Chiefs

Chinese warships in Indian ocean on ‘anti-piracy mission’

New law expands Chinese coastguard’s jurisdiction to at least the first island chain

China Ship Armed With Autocannon Enters Japanese Waters, Harasses Fishing Vessel

Growing number of countries issue warnings on China's espionage

Xi Jinping Wants To Emulate Mao, Thinks U.S. Will Back Down on Taiwan: Ex-Australia PM

North Korea launched over 1M cyberattacks daily, Seoul's spy agency says

North Korean hackers tried to steal Pfizer vaccine know-how, lawmaker says

North Korean defectors: What happens when they get to the South?

Philippine Air Force displays recently acquired aerial assets

Myanmar Junta Arms Itself With Repressive New Laws

US Intelligence Has Less Than 6 Months To Share Information On UFOs, 11 Reported Sightings In Maryland In 2021

What a 'bumping' incident 33 years ago says about the US Navy's future showdowns with Russia and China

Crazy Montage Of Bad U-2 Spy Plane Landings Shows How Hard It Is To Tame The Dragon Lady

Aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt has more coronavirus cases, Navy says

Collaboration or Chaos: Two Futures for Artificial Intelligence and US National Security

SolarWinds hack was 'largest and most sophisticated attack' ever: Microsoft president

Dynetics to build 100 kW laser for US Army

The 495th Fighter Squadron, The First Overseas-Based F-35A Squadron, Will Be Called The “Valkyries”

The U.S. Navy Might Ditch All Of Its Shallow-Water Combatants

Report to Congress on DDG(X)

Navy to Fully Integrate Laser into Aegis Combat System

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