Af/Pak & Other News (9/28/2012)

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Sep 28, 2012, 12:40:52 PM9/28/12
NATO joint patrols with Afghans back to 'normal': US:

Whatever Pentagon Says, U.S. Patrols With Afghans Aren’t ‘Normal’ Yet:

Giraffe Radars Protecting Troops In Afghanistan:

Accessorize Or Die:

Marines dive for cover in Afghanistan firefight:

'Last Gasp' of the Taliban?:

Peshawar blast kills top Pakistan bomb disposal officer:

Smart Rocks Invade Iran:

Iranian: 'Our money is becoming more and more worthless every day':

US Navy Tests Mine-Seeking Sub During Gulf Drills:

Al Qaeda convicts flee in Iraq jailbreak:,0,4525428.story

Syria: Hezbollah move means Iran's worried:

Fighting intensifies in Syria's largest city:

Syria has moved some chemical weapons: US:

Kenya troops fight on beaches in assault on Somali rebel city:

UK report slams Nimrod cancellation:

Korea Decision on Attack Helicopters Nearing:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

China Flies US-Designed VTOL UAV:

Chinese Smuggler Tried to Sneak Carbon Fiber for Fighter Jets, Feds

Marine Humvees get a second life:

U.S. Army Awards General Dynamics $395 Million to Begin Engineering
Development for Abrams Modernization:

The next wave in US robotic war: drones on their own:

U.S. Navy Defends Boomer Submarine Replacement Plans:

ATK Awarded Full-Rate Production Contract for Advanced Anti-Radiation
Guided Missile (AARGM):

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