Af/Pak & Other News (4/23/2021)

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Apr 23, 2021, 7:42:47 PM4/23/21
Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan Urge Taliban To Commit To Afghan Peace Process

Taliban’s deputy leader stresses importance of judges in the Islamic emirate

Afghan Ambassador: ‘The Ball Is in the Taliban’s Court’

General McKenzie Says That the Afghan Military Will “Certainly Collapse”

US begins to move equipment out of Afghanistan and approves deployment of forces to protect withdrawal operations

Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Could Extend Stay in Middle East to Cover Afghanistan Withdrawal

Taliban Rule in Afghanistan Is Worse for Its Neighbors Than America

India's Hawk-i trainer jet gets deadly ASRAAM air-to-air missile

Indian Navy dispatches DSRV to assist Indonesian Navy’s search for missing submarine

Iran cuts number of centrifuges enriching uranium to 60% purity, IAEA report says

Persian Posturing: Iran’s Drone Fleet Seen From Space

A deadly fight 33 years ago shows just how destructive a war between the US and Iran could get

Into Thin Air: Aviation Security Force Assistance in Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraqi military: 3 rockets strike close to Baghdad airport

‘We’re going to stay in Iraq,’ says top US Middle East commander

Italian Air Force, handover between Tornado and Typhoon jets in Kuwait to conduct ISR missions

In a fabled desert city, a decisive battle could determine Yemen's fate

Without The F-35, The Turkish Navy Is Desperate For Carrier Planes

Turkey’s Bayraktar AKINCI AUAV successfully completes its first firing test

Turkey’s Akıncı UCAV hits targets with latest Roketsan munitions

New special ammunition for Turkish SİHAs MAM-T – Aroged

Syrian Surface-To-Air Missile Flew Way Off Course Triggering Alarms Before Exploding Over Israel

The Fatemiyoun Army: Iran’s Afghan Crusaders in Syria

More than 100 Palestinians wounded in overnight clashes in east Jerusalem

Israeli X95 Micro Tavor rifle draws interest from Swiss commandos

Nigerian Navy explores frigate acquisition

Ahead of Deby’s funeral, Chad rebels say command hit by air strike

With eye on Islamist fight, France backs Chad military takeover

Chad rebels prepare offensive as president Idriss Déby is buried

Kenya commissions C-145 Skytrucks

Congolese Navy operating BK-10 assault boats

The Islamic State’s Signing Bonus

Zimbabwe air force helicopter crashes near capital, 4 killed

Russia Says It Is Drawing Down Forces Near Ukraine But We Know Not Everyone Is Going Home

Russia-linked alt news sources promote pro-Russian narratives about Ukraine and NATO

Putin withdraws troops but Russo-Ukrainian War continues

Pro-Kremlin actors amplify misleading narratives to fuel escalation in Eastern Ukraine

Russian MiG-31 Fighter Jet Escorts U.S. Aircraft after Ukraine Border Retreat

Is Russia Getting Ready to Buy Combat Drones from Turkey?

ZALA Aero unveils hybrid engine UAV and GPS-independent UAS navigation system

Alexei Navalny Ends Hunger Strike: 'We Have Achieved Enough'

'No One Is Leaving': Navalny's Backers Defiant As Threat Of 'Extremist' Label Looms

‘It’s about surviving’: where next for Russia’s beleaguered opposition?

Senior GRU Leader Directly Involved With Czech Arms Depot Explosion

Report finds that damage control failures led to sinking of RNoN frigate

Greece to take final six NH90s including special forces variant

US Army’s Germany-based 5-4 ADA unit fields first four M-SHORAD systems

Classic West German Starfighter film

Hensoldt awarded ‘Quadriga' radar contract for Luftwaffe Eurofighters

German and British defense officials discuss ‘Eurotank’ cooperation

The First S-80-Plus Class Submarine Will Launch New Era For Spanish Navy

French Joint Commander for Asia-Pacific Outlines Paris’ Indo-Pacific Defense Plans

UK cyber spy chief warns China’s tech power could allow it to ‘control the global operating system’ for 21st century

Embraer and Brazilian air force to study development of advanced UAV

China’s surprising drone sales in the Middle East

Chinese navy marks 72nd anniversary, unveiling no new warships

Making Fascism Work

China works to improve fixed-wing ASW capabilities

No, This Mysterious Chinese Drone Isn't Better Than the B-21 Raider

The Chinese advanced radars taking on stealth aircraft

China is developing plans for a 13,000-satellite megaconstellation

The Sino-American Race for Technology Leadership

Beijing Urges WHO Leader Not to Pursue 'Lab Leak' Theory

Japan Coast Guard Moving Forward with Maritime Surveillance UAV Procurement

Japan to Host First Joint Military Drill With US, France

U.S. Navy P-8 Maritime Patrol Plane To Join Hunt For Missing Indonesian Submarine

Communications malfunction hampers rescue of missing Indonesian submarine

Indonesian navy detects object, narrows search area for missing submarine

KRI Nangalla's Oxygen Has Just Run Out - No Hope.

Submarines are designed to hide – so what happens when one goes missing?

The story behind this incredible photo of a North Vietnamese MiG-21 flying extremely close to a Firebee drone (and other BQM-34 tales)

A Plan to Unite North, South Korea: 'One People, Two Countries, Two Systems, One Market'

Trump may have left D.C., but his beefs with the FBI and the CIA simmer on among his House allies

Alaska’s secret Cold War seafood export: Shellfish toxin for the CIA

The Hunt For A Soviet Submarine Desperately Trying To Sneak Through The Strait Of Gibraltar

Artificial Intelligence, Lawyers And Laws Of War

Special Operators account for half of all US combat casualties

190th Fighter Squadron emerged as the overall winner for Hawgsmoke 2021, a biannual A-10 Thunderbolt II competition, at Moody AFB

All B-1B Bombers Have Been Grounded

Inside US military’s plans to use drones to detect drones

DARPA’s plan to use drones to find drones

DARPA wants cave robots that can scout ahead for threats or missing people

U.S. Army Orders more Switchblade 300 Systems

US Army Explores Equipping Robots with Living Muscle Tissue

US Army opting for 23-round autoloader for ERCA

The Army is optimizing electronic warfare equipment for Indo-Pacific

The Army is giving its gun sights a seriously high-tech upgrade

King Stallion Summer: CH-53K to enter operational test in July

Marines making big investments in electromagnetic warfare

An Unmanned Future for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps?

Air Force Pursues Bomb-Dropping, Drone-Launching Attack Cargo Planes

US Air Force starts MQ-9 Reaper upgrades to keep UAV relevant against sophisticated foes

MQ-9 Reaper Makes First Flight with Electronic Support Measure Payload

B-21 A Good News Story; DoD Acquisition ‘Getting Better:’ HASC Chair

B-52 Bomber: Could it Serve the Air Force For Almost 100 Years?

Make-or-Break Time for the F-35

Tolerating Failure

Light Amphibious Warships Face Survivability Questions

This Tiny Drone Boat Is Being Tested During The Navy's Big Manned-Unmanned Teaming Experiment

U.S. Navy developing tool to determine if damaged anti-ship missile can still be effective

The Navy’s Destroyer Fleet Needs A Bridge To The Future. Here’s The Obvious Solution.

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