Af/Pak & Other News (12/15/2021)

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Dec 15, 2021, 2:09:37 PM12/15/21
The AP Interview: Karzai ‘invited’ Taliban to stop chaos

What Does the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan Have to Offer? The NRF says it is pushing for a new trajectory in Afghanistan.

Pakistan Navy Conducts Live-Fire Surface-to-Air Missile Test

Pakistan: Flying & Fighting in the Mirage III/V: interview with Mirage pilot

Russia offers Sprut-SDM1 lightweight amphibious tank for India light tank tender

Indian Army Receives Anti-Drone Systems, Military Hardware

UN watchdog says Iran will allow new cameras at nuclear site

Iran: Running Out Of Useful Options

USS Portland Uses Its Experimental Laser To Fry A Floating Target In The Middle East

UAE F-35 Stealth Fighter Deal Hangs By A Thread Amid Chinese Espionage Worries

Arab coalition airstrikes kill 165 Houthis in Marib, west coast as fighting flares

M60 Patton Tank: Retired from the US Military, Still Waging War in Syria?

Israel's Request To Speed Delivery Of KC-46 Tankers Critical For Striking Iran Denied

What's behind Iran's map threat against Israel? - Fmr. IDF cyber head

SPIKE: The Israeli Missile Killing Tanks All Over the Planet

The Mystery MRLs That Fuelled Both Sides Of The Libyan Conflict

Ethiopia civil war: How PM Abiy led fight-back against rebel advance

Algeria: Listing The Polisario’s Inventory of AFVs

Ukraine sees no sign of Russia withdrawing troops from border

Bracing for Russian Air Power, Ukraine Boosts Air Defenses and Readies Bomb Shelters

OCEA Launches First FPB 98 Patrol Boat Built For Ukraine

Ukraine’s Tanks Could Be Better Than Russia’s. It Might Not Matter.

While Massing Troops Against Ukraine, Putin Threatens the U.S. National Command Authority

Russian Deception Ops Raise Risk of Surprise Attack on Ukraine

Factbox: How rebel-held regions of eastern Ukraine have grown closer to Russia

US lawmakers urge pre-emptive sanctions, Ukraine arms to deter Putin

Russia’s Endgame in Ukraine: Bluff, Bombard or Invasion?

Russian Su-57 Jet’s Stealth Capability to Increase with Flat Nozzle Engine

Russian Navy Otvet Anti-submarine Missile Successfully Hits Target in Sea of Japan

NATO dismisses Russian accusations surrounding nuclear missile deployment

Poland buys further Black Hawks for special forces

Germany: Russian Vadim Krasikov convicted of assassinating Chechen Tornike Khangoshvili in Tiergarten

Germany expels Russian envoys after court says Moscow ordered killing in Berlin

Germany: Anti-Vaxxers Planned to Murder Government Official With Crossbows, Police Say

Warnings ignored over Ajax safety issues

PLA conducts more live-fire drills in South China Sea as US keeps watch

North Korea: Video Critics With A License To Kill

10 years at helm, Kim Jong Un’s nukes are still ‘magic wand’

South Korea’s First Nuclear Submarine Looks Closer

Philippines releases funding for corvette procurement

Sailor blamed for devastating US warship fire ‘disgruntled’ after failed SEALs bid

ATF Investigator: Bonhomme Richard Fire Deliberately Set, No Direct Physical Evidence Points to Accused Sailor

Trump felt used on Soleimani strike: "Israel did not do the right thing"

America’s loitering radar-hunting missile is due for a comeback

Researchers developing communications networking for unmanned surveillance vehicles for GPS-denied missions

DoD signs contract to retrofit Global Hawk drones to be used for hypersonic missile testing

Army Bring-Your-Own-Device Experiments Test New Security Concepts

US THOR Counter-Drone Technology Nearing Completion

Loading StormBreaker on the F-15E takes more time compared to other munitions

What If The Advanced Tactical Trainer The USAF Says It Wants Already Exists As A Fighter?

Navy to Start Separating Unvaccinated Sailors

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