Af/Pak & Other News (4/19/2012)

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Apr 19, 2012, 5:57:54 PM4/19/12
US helicopter crashes in Afghanistan with 4 US troops:

Pakistan's army chief urges less spending on defence:

Lack of leadership to blame for soldiers' bad behavior:

Australian troops to remain in Afghanistan in 2014: Carr:

Can't Keep Killing Without Cash:

India Test-Fires Agni V Long-Range Missile:

Iraq's many security units hurt war on militants:

At least 36 killed in 20 bomb blasts in Iraq:

Upgrades to Killer Drone Could Make It Fly for 2 Days Straight:

CIA seeks to expand anti-terrorism drones in Yemen: WPost:

Joint Chiefs' leader: US will not send troops to Syria:

Returning to Terrorism:

Libya Wants To Hang Russian Mercenaries:

Germans Prepare To Pursue Pirates Ashore:

Oil Dispute May Yield Africa’s Newest War:

Russia upgrading Algerian corvette, frigate:

Russia to Deliver More Air Defense Systems to Belarus:

UAV-equipped vehicle to debut:

Phantoms Over The Baltics:

N. Korea threatens war as Seoul unveils missile:

China Pushes New Advanced Weapons at DSA:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Oh Canada: The Fate of the Marines’ VH-71 Fleet:

New York bomb plotter describes Al-Qaeda plan:

More Secret Service resignations expected to be announced:

Secret Systems Clutter the Electromagnetic Spectrum:

Air Force Offers Clues on Cyber-Offense Capabilities:

A Few Good Women: Marines Open Infantry to Females:

Video: ATK’s Hatchet:

Ingalls Eyes More Missions For U.S. Navy LPDs:

US Navy Fires Raytheon Griffin® Missile From RAM Launcher:

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